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Trying to conceive

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So we have been trying for about 7 months now and no luck yet, I know these things take time. I was 6 days late and was feeling different, boobs sore (not period sore) sore all over boobs and heavy, weeing more, hungry a lot more, tired and no mood swings. I am never late, always on time or day early, then last night I went to toilet and wiped and saw slight pink, I did start to worry, but then thought maybe it’s just spotting. Then this morning, full on period. I am absolutely devestated, I really thought I was pregnant being so late. Just want someone too talk too as no one knows we are trying x

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It might help to tell someone you are TTC. It can be a lonely time particularly if it takes a while. 2.5 years for me. I'm glad I had people to talk to on that long journey. It was also the greatest gift finally telling people we'd concieve made it all the more special - several people cried with joy.

I have been there it is the saddest feeling in the world and having to deal with a period on top makes it worst like a slap in face. It feels so cruel when you get the symptoms especially the late period and you dare to dream this could be it.

I am so sorry for you and sending a virtual hug. I truly hope you get your precious miracle gift. I got my beautiful miracle at 38 after waiting since I was 17 xxx xxx

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It was heartbreaking seeing as I’m never late. We have a gorgeous 3 year old, but I’m longing to give her a sibling x

Hi.Have you spoken to your GP yet? They might be able to arrange some initial blood tests.

Hopefully, all will be fine but I think it's good to get things checked especially as you have a child already. Best wishes x

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Hey. No I haven’t spoken to a doctor yet, but I will do, i know it can take a while, but we are active before on and after ovulation x

If you’re over 35 it’s worth chatting to the doctor after 6 months of trying and they can get some test run to check there’s no medical reason for potential issues.

I’m 37 and it’s taken us 4 years to get to this stage (18 weeks), with one miscarriage.

The two week wait is awful. After the miscarriage I even got nauseous every month which led to lots of false hope!

Best to get things checked out even if just to put your mind at ease ☺️ Best of luck.

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Thank you, yes I’m 35 so il be in touch with my doctors this week. Ah bless you, hope your well and pregnancy is well x

Hi, I also had been trying for nearly a year, I have a 2 1/2 year old and had an emergency section so always thought it was something to do with section. Got pregnant twice last year but had 2 miscarriages. After my last miscarriage I asked early pregnancy clinic if I could have my bloods done and I was very low in vitamin d and had a clotting disorder that possibility causes previous miscarriages. I started on vit d high dose for 6 weeks then vit d daily now, found out I was pregnant and I really believe they helped as my aunt had to take them also and then she conceived and am 12 weeks now and have to use progesterone pessaries and aspirin. You should definitely get your bloods done and start taking folic acid daily along with vit d from chemist until your bloods come back. Hopefully you have some good news soon x

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