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Pelvic Girdle Pain or SPD HELP

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Pelvic Girdle Pain or SPD. Please help!! Has anyone had this and been able to function? Docs have not fully confirmed what it is as of yet but think it is one of the two. My pregnancy was going all so well until I reached week 20 and got a crippling pain in my right side lower back. I am now unable to walk properly or get a full nights sleep because the pain is that severe!!! Has anyone had this and is there any miraculous treatment? It’s ruining my experience and I still have 4 months to go :(

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Hi, sorry to hear you’re suffering. I had SPD pretty badly - I’m sorry to say I didn’t find a quick fix but I found a pregnancy belt helped a little and I also saw an osteopath. I really had to change my mindset as to how far I could walk as I found that I’d have a flare the next day if I overdid it. Oh I also had a lot of baths - it was the only place I felt comfortable towards the end. I hope you’re able to find some relief.

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Thank You. Yeah baths seem to ease it a little. Wish I could take stronger painkillers but I can’t :( it’s hard cause it takes away a lot of your independence. Frustrating, but I’m sure it will all be worth it and forgotten soon enough. This is my first baby. How long after birth did you recover?? xxx

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My little boy is 7 weeks now and SPD is a distant memory. I had a c section so other reasons that I couldn’t walk far after delivery but I’m now stronger and starting to think about exercise again. It is miserable to have SPD but I really found taking it easy the best option. Some people swear by physio and osteo.

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Thank You for responding. I’ve booked physio for Wed. So fingers crossed I can find some relief to get through the next few months. xx

You give me hope that this agony will dissipate!! Xx

SPD and PGP are the same thing, it's now referred to as PGP. It is quite common, but also horrible to deal with, especially if it stops you sleeping properly. You need to speak to your midwife and GP, they can refer you to physio and prescribe stronger pain relief

Hi! Yes I had it too in both my pregnancies. I asked for a referral to a physio by my GP which helped. I also saw a private physio who recommended a belt, apparently lots of the labelled “pregnancy” belts are not safe and don’t work. I was told to not use a belt that goes over the bump at all. There are some exercises (like the swooping cat) that really helped, I was given those by both the physios I saw.

No quick fixes. I did the exercises when in pain, used the belt when I had to be on my feet for a while, used a pillow between my legs when sleeping and bought the most supportive and comfortable shoes I could find (that made the biggest difference I thought!). All this made it bearable and I could continue to walk and sleep ok. I found that moving around helped but had to readjust how much exercise I could do, so not too much and not too little exercise is the balance to strike.

It’s painful, totally empathise! It does go away after birth and it’s not harmful. That’s the only positives, but I know what you mean about it changing the pregnancy experience. 😔

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Thank You. This is really helpful. I’m on the waiting list for physio now but I have booked a private session tomorrow as well. I am going to try some exercises today. Such a nuisance.

Ugh… I’m in the same club! It’s horrendous. I’m waddling about like a really old immobile person.

The pain is unreal… It started for me at week 20 also and I’m now 28weeks today. If it’s not the left side lower back and hip, it’s the right side. I totally empathise, though I’ve not found any magical cure. Private physio was good and lifted the pain for a few days… rest certainly does help. I’ve tried the pillow between the knees for sleeping and it does help a little but I still wake up with a dead hip and leg on that side. I’ve done some recent travelling for work and I’m usually a rocket through the airports but now I look enviously at folks in special assistance chairs! It’s hard, hard work. I was advised I can use a heat pad belt and it does help, probably in the same way a nice bath does…. All solutions are temporary though.

I’ve just bought a special pillow for sleeping. I googled and found a link from an article in recent days for best pregnancy pillows (ordered no. 1) so I’m hoping that will also help….

I do agree it spoils the experience… I’m reluctant to take any pain meds. I was on HG meds for near 20 wks and I worried about every pill I swallowed. I’m also just getting over a rough spell of covid. This process is magical but certainly not the easiest and I say that as a first timer who is almost 44 with a surprise blessing! Women deserve a medal for enduring this… it’s so far removed from my usual corporate world but one that I’m grateful for, despite the pains and challenges.

Best wishes xxx

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I’m glad I’m not alone. I’m exactly the same, was working away last week and just felt so frustrated cause I couldn’t be my usual on the go self. I feel useless. But I need to just remember I am creating a whole human lol. I will have a look at the heat pads. Thank You. And hope everything goes well for you xx

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Hello! Just wanted to update / share… I ordered a few pregnancy pillows to test (C shaped and U shaped) and found the best for me to be a KOLBRAY U-shaped pillow from Amazon.

Kolbray®️ U Shape Pregnancy Pillow - Full Body Maternity Pillow | 2 Colours | UK Business | with Removable Jersey Cover | Orthopaedic Nursing Support Cushion for Women

One week later, no word of a lie, pelvic pain gone, pain in hips, gone. No nerve pain when walking, sleep better too. The misery that was ruining this experience, has lifted. I wouldn’t go run a marathon now but wow, what a difference to sleep and to mobility! I’m amazed as I was somewhat sceptical…! I really hope you find a solution as there can be easement with these suggestions…. Good luck xx

Oh this is lovely to hear. Glad you are finding some comfort. I funnily enough have just ordered a U shaped pregnancy pillow so now I’m even more excited for it to arrive. I also had physio and she massaged it and put some tape on my back (I don’t know if was the tape or what) but directly after it was unbearable pain and then now I can walk comfortable again. She said it had strained my lumber muscle cause of how I was walking. But yes on the mend and will never take my muscles for granted again. Hoping it lasts the next 4 months and can have a happy pregnancy. Thanks for your update. xx

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