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MoMo twins advice

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Hi all,

After our first round of IVF we have been told on Thursday that it’s twins. Specifically Momo.

I’m in such a funny place. I have so much happiness and excitement at my first ever pregnancy. Pure joy that the ivf worked. Then a creeping fear and sadness about all of the risks with Momo twins.

There’s so little out there and even less on the NHS site that I can find. Does anyone have any experience of momo twins? Advice of where to look for information that is relevant for the uk and how they approach care. Or if you are willing to share your experience or own advice?

I’m an information person I like to know what I’m dealing with and what I can do but this feels unknown and out of my hands.

When I got my positive test the first thing my husband said was ‘is this when the doctors finally leave you alone and just let your body do it’s thing?’ ahhh what a jinx!


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I am also pregnant with twins (DCDA) and our midwife suggested we have a look at the Twins Trust website ( They have a forum, and several resources/courses available. Hope it helps!

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Thanks. I’ve been through their site and read that. It just quite limited on momo. Thank you.

I found this research on Google, might be worth having a look around and seeing what other scientific papers you can find

Thanks. I’ve been through this as well. It was helpful. I think I’m just hungry for lots of information. Not sure what it is I think I’m missing.

I understand, because you're looking for answers when the truth is there aren't any. It's very difficult when things are so uncertain, all I can say is take one day at a time. Many babies have health problems in the womb but but doesn't mean that they won't survive and grow to be healthy children, you have to hold onto that.

Hi. Firstly congratulations.

Have you self referred to a maternity unit?If not best to do this now.

According to the NICE guidelines you may need to be under a tertiary fetal medicine unit.

My experience with DCDA twins has been that I was referred for consultant led care and the twin midwife at the main hospital in the NHS trust. I was given guidance on when scans would be as standard and that also mentioned different type of multiple pregnancies but was based on NICE guidelines.

Hope that helps x

Thanks, yes. Referral done and letter from my hospital about them being Momo so will see who the appointment is with. Hopefully straight to the right person.

That's great. My advice would be to take each scan at a time as you will be closely monitored and look after yourself first. Make sure you get a risk assessment at work and don't exhaust yourself with work!

Wow, those are some very special little guys you've got in there. No advice but sending you super big best wishes for your pregnancy and hope it goes smoothly xxx

Thanks. Quite a pair ey!

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