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Constipation after C Section

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Hello ladies.

I would really value some of your advice on how to relieve constipation after a c section. I had my baby daughter on Thursday and I know it is early days but I am uncomfortable so would like some hints and tips on your tried and tested methods getting things going again.

I look forward to your responses x

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Lactulose or prune juice 👍 Hope things get moving soon! I’m guessing you’re on codeine, it’s notorious for constipation, so once you can stop taking it that will help xx

Thank you for responding so quickly. I will definitely try the prune juice. I stopped the codeine yesterday as it made me nauseous as well.

I am now on paracetamol and Naproxen only and this is working well.

Hi, the hospital should have been giving you lactolose to help here.

I didn’t have any bowel movement until at least a week after snd then it was a bit like rabbit droppings (sorry a bit TMI)

My first proper 💩 was quite firm and painful to pass, so I suggest you take something like senocot or similar if you can’t take that, it worked wonders for me

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JoyfulStar in reply to Running79

Thank you so much. I did wonder why I was not given anything to help because when I had a myomectomy, I was given something. Nevertheless, things have started to move in the right direction.

I know exactly what you mean about the firm and painful 💩

Thanks for the advice again 😊

Hey Joyful, I am due in a week or so and one of the first things I was warned about by my sister with two kids is that pooping will be difficult and painful. She advised getting a poop softener / any from the pharmacy. Which I’m getting around to do soon. Good luck.

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JoyfulStar in reply to bearblue

Thanks. Glad you are prepared as being in this discomfort after surgery is not good. Nevertheless things are moving in the right direction since I posed this question which is such a relief ☺️

Drinking mint tea, taking lactulose and having plenty of fruit and veg and warm water all helps. I've had 3 c-sections and all of these things helped me.

Thanks so much. Things are improving. Have some lactulose now.

Prunes, one cup of coffee on a morning (caffeinated), walking, keeping well hydrated and lactulose. Also used a rolled up towel to hold against my wound area when I did need the toilet - like when you cough, laugh etc 😇

I also eat plenty of fibre normally - but still I get quite constipated from time to time, pregnancy made it all worse, but to be honest, it has not been so bad since I had our little one! But I never needed codeine really - which helped! So be good if you have managed to stop that! Hope the pain eases soon!

Hopefully it will improve for you! 🤞

I did not realise until I stopped the codeine that it was contributing to the feeling of discomfort. Keeping well hydrated as well as having fibre has helped as it had kicked started the process. DH also got me some lactulose today. I might not need it but thought I should have it just in case.

Hi lovely, agreed you should have been sent home with lactulose. I am sure if needed the doctor could prescribe it for you. It taste very sweet too so it was always nice to take 😂 congrats too on the birth of your baby too xxx

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JoyfulStar in reply to Jonesy84

Thank you! DH picked me up some lactulose from a pharmacy without prescription. Also, things have improved drastically since I posed this question. Thank you for your suggestions though x

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