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Positive or negative ?

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Did this morning. ? Thoughts?

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Hi there, I can’t see a second line I’m afraid. Early response pink dye might work better?

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ayrah123 in reply to Pasaeoco01

Seriously 😂

Pregnancy test
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Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place on this test but I ‘seriously’ don’t see a second line 🤷‍♀️!If you’re confident it’s positive go with your instinct x

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ayrah123 in reply to Pasaeoco01

Is this better?

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These are really hard to see in real life, let alone on a photo. Try a digital test because that way you'll get a clear answer.

I still don’t see a clear line! Maybe see what others think…I am looking at it without my glasses 🙈 x

I think it's so important to test again in a few days and/or if you're reasonably confident you're passed a missed period, your GP may do a blood test to confirm your suspicions. Posting very, very faint lines on here on a regular basis is not going to give you the answers or reassurance you need unfortunately. Good luck! X

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How rude are you!!! Imagine saying that to someone tho! Obsession you cheeky bitch

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Excuse me? I think you may have the wrong person and your language is disgusting

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Hi I see a very faint line. I would test with a frers early response for an accurate result. Digital picks up a bit later so frers is better for now.

Have you had a missed period yet? I would repeat in a few days.

Go out and get a clear blue. I can see a faint line, I had similar day 2 after missing my period. Did a clear blue that evening and it said I was 2-3 weeks pregnant.


You've been posting tests on here for the past 2 months. Maybe you should just see a doctor to get a conclusive answer via a blood test. It seems taking lots of tests may be coming a bit of an obsession as you're not getting the answer you want. Good luck x

Negative. Try a digital test instead if you're struggling to interpret the pink dye ones

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