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Is this test positive?

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Hi All,

I have taken few tests now and they all come with a faint line, I have taken them with a timer in hand so that there’s no doubt whether they’re evap lines… I can post more picture but they’re all similar to this one.

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This one is taken today (period one day late) the previous picture is 3 days before my period was due. Tests taken based on pregnancy symptoms.

One day late period


Since you definitely checked within the time frame then your tests are showing faint positive lines, yep. Is there a reason you're questioning the validity of the tests? For example is it because the lines are so faint around your expected period? Every woman is so different. Could it be you ovulated later than you think and you're technically testing before a "missed period"? It could also just be too dilute urine or the way your body processes early pregnancy HCG. My advice would be to check again in a few days as HCG roughly doubles every 48 hours ish. Since you believe you're past a missed period you could also ring your GP to check if they'll perform a blood test to confirm for you. Worth a try! Xx

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Hi Lizzie,

Thank you for your reply. My period is only late by one day but I have been testing 4 days prior my due date because I had signs such as extremely tender and large breasts… I will definitely call my GP next week to confirm pregnancy. I appreciate any tips and advice.

Thank you

Hi! i had a test look the same as this last week and it turns out i am pregnant! i’d recommend getting a pink dye test like first response, good luck xx

Hey. I would recommend trying a ultra early digital test to be sure!

Hey, agree with the other posters, looks promising! Continue to test and maybe try and early response pink dye/digital x

Definitely a positive!! Mine was similar when I took the test early and it looked just like that! X

Hi yes that definitely a line! Congratulations ❤️ If they where evap lines they wouldn’t have colour to them maybe try a pink dye test aswel to put your Mind at rest maybe x

Thank you all for your replies. I managed to book a blood test to confirm pregnancy although my GP said it was not necessary and to book an appointment with the midwife directly… I’m now so worried as just went for a wee and found brown spotting and then red/pink… I wish I could’ve taken a picture but not sure I could’ve posted it on here. Please advise if this is normal and should just wait and see… (I’ve had 4 positive pregnancy tests)

Mild cramping even before I bled.

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Hi, spotting is common during early pregnancy. As long as it doesn't become heavy with clots then there's no huge cause for concern. You could give your local early pregnancy unit a call just to speak to someone for advice, unfortunately it's a bit too early for a scan. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy and congratulations!

Quick update specially for those in the same unfortunate situation. My period came on this morning, the cramping is unbearable but there’s nothing I can do just wait for my fertility treatment referral… I won’t cancel any of my appointments just yet. 😢

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