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Is this a line or am I mad?

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Hi everyone,

Bit of background. I’ve suffered endometriosis, pcos and other fertility issues for around 11 years. Was told I’d probably never conceive naturally due to severity of the endo.

Was told to try for 6 months, with tracking ovulation and my cycle etc and if no luck then I could get started on some form of treatment.

That was 11 months ago. Due to covid and various different reasons the appointments never came, so I’ve never been on any treatment. We’ve still been trying, but month after month it’s the same story - period is late, I start getting ready to test, test is negative or period comes before I test. However, since about October all my ovulation tests were all negative. I thought oh here we go it’s the end of it. So for December and January I’ve not bothered testing everyday like I’m supposed to, basically just going on what my body is telling me about when I’m ovulating.

I’m currently 9DPO but tested on 7DPO (early I know don’t come for me) and swore I saw the faintest line (attached below). Now the picture doesn’t show it but it has a pink tint to it. I only tested early as I was experiencing symptoms unusual to me, so I thought I would make sure before I ring up and speak to someone. The picture was taken within the timeframe. I also tested this morning and the same thing, except it came up quicker. Still very faint like above, but easier to spot when you’re looking at it.

Basically I’m asking am I wasting my time thinking about this or is there something there? Apologies for the quality is the best picture I could get. I don’t want to be getting my hopes up but I need a sanity check on this one! Do I keep testing, do I leave it? Help!

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With eye of faith I can sort of see something. If you had a more recent one come up a bit quicker that might be promising. Only thing you can do is try again in a few days with anothe FRER as something really should be appearing by then. Good luck! xx

Thank you. The first one I almost threw away as I didn’t see it at first. The second one I took I saw straight away, although extremely faint but it was definitely quicker. I’ll restrain myself and wait for a few days before another test. Thank you so much! Xx

I can see a faint line and pink tests don't normally have evaporation lines, this is mine from last January and was a positive test (baby is now 4 months old). This was how faint it was on my due on date. So if you've taken the test correctly I think it may be a positive test

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Thank you for sharing this with me. And thank you for your honesty. I did the test how it said on the box both times and this is what happened. I can only keep my fingers crossed. Thank you though, it’s nice to know I’m not going completely bonkers! X

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My husband thought I was totally bonkers! I ended up taking a digital one a few days later, which finally convinced him. Although if you take the digital ones get a few as I messed up the first one not keeping it flat like in the instructions. Or if you're not a wally like me just get one and follow the instructions 😂😂

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I’m more than likely going to mess it up - it took me ages to get the hang of it before I kept messing up 😂 thanks for the advice tho! X

I can see a line 🙂

Thank you. I hope it’s right but I guess the next few days will tell x

Just wanted to say I hope it is a positive one for you! 🤞🧡

Thank you! I hope so too..I’m trying not to let it consume me at the minute but I’m keeping all things crossed! X

Why don't you test again today using first morning urine? I see a line but it could be evaporation. 7 days is early.

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I know it’s really early I’m just so impatient and I get so anxious about these things it just consumes me entirely! In person it had a pink colour to it. But thanks for the advice I will test with first morning! X

That looks like an indent to me. I can’t see it has any colour and I’ve experienced these faint looking lines myself. They are very pink, even when faint, when you’re pregnant. Try testing in a few days just in case it’s too early xx

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emcollier126 in reply to mrsabc

Thank you. In person it does look pink, but I don’t know what to think now it’s just driving me crazy not knowing! I will wait until next week i think to test, it’s gonna drive me mad waiting 🙈 thank you xx

You can get Clear Blue digital tests that work a few days before your period is due, maybe try one of those? Otherwise, I think you need to wait a few days then test again. I know the waiting is really hard, but trying to conceieve/pregnancy is a massive waiting game!

Okay do you know how early they work? I will get some of those and see what they think. With my endo my period should be due next week but who knows because it’s always all over the place! Oh I wish I wasn’t so impatient!! X thank you x

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You can test 6 days before a missed period with the Clearblue early tests. Try one of those to get more of an idea. I was using the cheap sticks and all said negative prior to period. Got clearblue and tested 5 days before and it was positive!

As long as I’m the time limit I’d say a congratulations are in order. Indents on frers look white. X

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Thank you! It was read within the time on the box so I’m hoping so. It definitely had a pink colour to it. I will test again in a few days for an update x thank you

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