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Is this positive?

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Done a clear blue rapid response test today and this was the result? 7 days after missed period does this look positive or is it just a evap line?

update - took a digital test and it was positive!!

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I’d do a second one to make sure but yes they say on the instructions, any line, even a faint one is positive!

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alexmc in reply to Lurchermumma

i’ve just done 2 more, ones the same as that one and the other is negative really not sure what to think!! x

Take a pink dye one this looks to thin for positive x

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alexmc in reply to ayrah123

took a clear blue and a first response this morning with my first pee and the clear blue was negative but the first response had a very very faint positive line, not sure how to take this to be honest! x

Try a digital test that says pregnant/not pregnant

Try a digital test that says pregnant/not pregnant

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alexmc in reply to hmarkson

i seen on a previous post that digital tests need a higher level of hcg to detect pregnancy with me being only a week late would it still pick up? if so i definitely will grab one today

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hmarkson in reply to alexmc

Yes definitely, there are different types but some Clear Blue you can use even before your period is due. At 7 days late, if you're pregnant then it'll definitely get picked up by a digital test.

It looks like an evap line to me. At 7 days late you should be getting a really clear line (of course, everyone can have a wonky cycle from time to time so you may not be as late as you think). The first response early tests are generally the most reliable as they are less prone to evap lines and should give you a really clear line from the day your period is due (for some people earlier). If you are actually a week late a digital would definitely pick it up. Good luck! xx

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alexmc in reply to Purpledoggy

today would be my 8th day late, i took another clear blue test and a first response test this morning and there was a very faint but thick second line on the first response test, clear blue was negative so i’m going to get a digital test today! thank you xx

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