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Does anyone have a tilted uterus? 

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Does anyone have a tilted uterus?

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Me! Why do you ask?

HeyWhen did you find out? you had a tilted uterus and have you had any back pain etc from it?

I found out when I had an ultrasound scan several years ago, the sonographer said I had a tilted uterus and they’d have to use the internal scan thing rather then the one that goes on your stomach. It’s caused me no issues at all :)

I was told long ago I had a tilted uterus but shouldn't be a problem. What is the issue? Just curious as we're trying to conceive.

Yep, me! I have a retroverted uterus which means it tips backwards. I had successful IVF with this (the treatment/infertility was nothing to do with my uterus shape) and *touch wood* no pregnancy complications as once baby gets big enough the uterus magically adapts shape anyway 🥰

Sorry - I realise your question may have nothing to do with pregnancy or fertility but thought worth mentioning. I have bad endometriosis so the pain is linked to this only, not the shape of my uterus. Xx

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