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Protocol for large gestational age baby. Baby already estimated 5 lbs 11 oz at 33 weeks 6 days.

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Brief history-

First baby ( young and from previous relationship) at 39 weeks he weighed 6 lbs 6 oz ( due to my placenta packing up at the end - different advice then given regards to movements at end of pregnancy ) naturally delivered and no tear.

Second baby my daughter weighed 8lbs 14 oz at 40 weeks 4 days naturally delivered - bad tear due to her hand being behind her head and had a poo on the way out!

Third baby induced as she died at. 20 weeks- in theatre due to retained placenta causing haemorrhaging and blood transfusion as my iron level kept dropping despite iron pills.

This will be my. 4th baby - due first being small I have growth scans. She has had a growth spurt and her tummy is measuring above. 96% centile chart and has gone up over. 20 % the sonographer took the measurement 4 times so I am totally certain she got that right. She did ask the consultant on duty if they needed to talk to us over the tummy measurement as that is an indication of a big baby and at this point she didn’t but we have our last growth scan at 37 weeks.

I am 40 but don’t have gestational diabetes I was tested at 28 weeks. But I am overweight hence glucose test being done.

It does concern me she is so big already. She was only 3 lbs 12 oz last growth scan so has grown 2 lbs in 3 weeks!!My mother in law had bigger babies so think that’s why our babies are bigger!

Has anyone had a larger gestational baby and been offered options such as earlier induction at full term ?

We feel we need to be more prepared to know what to expect! Xx

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I’mInterested to read your replies as

Our Wee one is measuring big too. I’ve good bmi had the glucose test because the baby was big , I’m heading fir a big baby too. I’m u dee consultant care and they keep talking about induction because I’m 40 too. Defo making me anxious. Hopefully people will give some info. I’m defo asking questions at next scan as I can see anywhere in my notes about induction etc yet everyone seems to know so it must be on the computer . 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m 93 percentile 😳

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Jess1981 in reply to RhinoCat

Hope these replies help you decide what best course of action is. All the best with the rest of your pregnancy and I hope the medics can support you making a decision that is best for you and your baby youve had a tough time getting here ❤️Xx

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RhinoCat in reply to Jess1981

At least I’ll be armed with questions the next appointment. I haven’t been given any options yet which I find strange…… although the consultant said he see me in three weeks and see how things are . I’ll have to be brave next appointment because it’s the nit knowing what their thinking that gives me anxiety. It’s weird though, the 2 male consultants measured me in the 93rd a d 95th percentile and the female consultant between these two app measured me at the 83rd percentile. Wish there was a more accurate way to measure babies before they’re born 😂 All the best with the next few weeks yourself. 💐💐💐💐 hope you get some rest to yourself and that you have open talking doctors so you don’t have to be anxious 😘💐💐💐

The scans that I went to measured our daughter with a large tummy. 97 percentile. I was advanced maternal age at 39, very ill with hyperemesis gravidarum, high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. I was eating next to nothing...a half a cup of broccoli a day if that. Air probably had more nutritional value that what I could get down in day. I was losing crazy amounts of weight. But the baby was growing big according to scans.

My doctor walked a fine line in making sure that my health was holding up and that baby had the best chance. Because she was big it was decided that she would come by c-section 2 weeks early. She arrived safe and sound weighing 3.7kg even though she was early! She was bigger than other full term babies I'm the ward. Her tummy, despite scans saying 97 percentile, was perfect and she fits exactly on 50th percentile now and is growing like a weed.

So, to sum up: she came two weeks early by c-section because she measured big and her stomach was measuring 97th percentile. She arrived weighing 3.7kg, tummy and size were beautiful 50th percentile ( so earlier scans were inaccurate) and had no lung problems despite c-section and is healthy, happy and thriving. I came through the birth ok and am healing up from the c-section nicely. 👍The real trauma was not having my husband there for any of it. That gets me in the heart every damn second of the day.

Good luck! Scans aren't always accurate, your FS/OBYN can make decisions to bring forward due dates and can help you decide the safest way to give birth for your situation. Talk to your doctor about your concerns and feel confident that once you are in a hospital you really are in the BEST place you can possibly be if there are any complications 🤗

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Jess1981 in reply to Belangalo

Blimey that is quite a size especially with her being 2 weeks early and being your first baby. I hope you are recovering well from the c section , I know people,e underestimate how hard recovery is with a c section. There is no easy way to birth a baby! I worry about looking after my toddler afterwards with such major surgery but if that is what the obstetrician suggests that as being the safest delivery for my baby then I’ll be guided by their opinion. Having my baby at home not an option as we live an hours drive away and with previous births I have had complications that required medical assistance.😬 I would never risk that. We will have to wait and see what next scan brings! 🙈 Congratulations on your daughter❤️ Xx

I was measuring large, they induced me at 37 weeks as growth scan was showing he was nearly 11lbs so would of been to dangerous to allow me to go any further in pregnancy, when he came he was only 8lb 3.

I think take these growth scans and charts with a pinch of salt, as they aren’t accurate & try not to worry. X

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Wow I can’t believe how wrong they got the weight but over 8lbs at 37 weeks is pretty big. My daughter was 8 lbs 14 oz at 40 + 4 . Thanks for the reply Xx

I agree with the above, growth scabs are a good indicator but don’t always accurately show the size. They said my daughter was big and had excess water so was induced. She was born 39 weeks at 8lb 3oz which is pretty perfect really :). This was over a lb less than they thought she was at 38 weeks. Good thing is with a big baby you should hopefully get to meet them a little earlier! Good luck with everything and I’m sure your little one will come just perfect xxx

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Jess1981 in reply to ToniaB123

Congratulations. I think we just panicked hearing it! Our daughter arrived at 40 + 4 weighing 8lbs 14oz on 75% centile chart. I think it would easier to organise with induction knowing when it was happening etc with our toddler to consider and we are an hours drive from hospital be nice not to have a mad rush my labours are quick but intense! 😂 Xx

My experience was big baby measured at 32 weeks - only due to swapping nhs trusts as moved house. I was induced at 40+5 due to itching. Emergency c-section at 41+1 and he was 9lb 3oz.

My best friend due to have her LB by planned section tomorrow on due date as a result of big measurements all the way through… will come back and let you know the size once he’s born 😍

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Jess1981 in reply to Abs1403

Thank you and congratulations. That would be helpful. I think we need know what our options are. Xx

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Abs1403 in reply to Jess1981

9lb 7oz!

Hi there

I'm a little earlier on in the process so not sure how useful this will be - my baby's tummy measured 95th percentile at the 20week scan before Christmas. Had a growth scan yesterday and spoke to the consultant who said that as long as the glucose test (today) was negative then they wouldn't do anything and didn't need any follow ups because although a bit bigger, is still within range.

Midwife this morning advised she is going to refer for another growth scan anyway just to be sure the baby is tracking the same line. But as long as the growth rate is in line then they won't do anything - I may just end up with a bigger baby 🤷‍♀️

From what I understand, they'll only induce if it looks like the baby will be outwith the specified range or there are other issues/risks.

Although like everything else, the policy probably differs between health authorities!

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Jess1981 in reply to LB1234

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I’m sure care varies widely between CCGs. I think mine will look at measurements on my last growth scan at 37 weeks and make a decision then. Good luck and I hope you are getting good support making decisions over your options ( hopefully they will review it 37 weeks when you hit full term) Xx

Hi Jess,

Teddy was born by c section at 38 weeks weighing 9lb 12oz. He was 98th centile.

Like you we had extra growth scans. I was offered the option of an induction at 39 weeks but wanted a section for other reasons. They said he would have been around 11lb if we’d got to 40 weeks which is still less than his dad weighed 😱

I had to take the GTT 3 times due to his size but didn’t have GD, there’s just a family history of big babies.

You’re almost there now! 🥰

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Jess1981 in reply to Solly-44

Oh my goodness what a big baby your boy was! You must’ve been so uncomfortable at the end 😬My Francesca weighed 8lbs 14oz at 40+ 4! I thought she was big 😂

Woah what did daddy weight?!😳 all my mother in law babies were also big! Definitely seems like big babies fun in hubby’s family too 😳

I think I worry about looking after Francesca after a section but if that is said to be the safest option hubby says we will find a way to manage even if his mum and my parents come over after he’s back to work.

Yes the end is in sight 😍 feel we need to get our skates on as we still so much to get ready 😂🙈

Hope you are keeping well? Xx

With Tommys pregnancy I was told he was large but wasnt really told anything other than the scary stuff of them getting stuck! They induced me a week early and he arrived by emergency C-section 3 days later weighing 8lb7oz, I was told he’d be 9/10lb. I was checked for GD multiple times but nothing.Same thing again got Charlie’s pregnancy but my care was a lot better, it was up to me how I delivered and I got growth scans regularly, tested for GD multiple times again and a weeks at home monitoring but nothing showed! He came at 38+6 as I went into labour naturally but chose csection due to his size and previous birth trauma. (He was estimated 9lb9oz as of a scan the day before he was born) he was born 8lb 5oz. They can get it wrong by so much but with it being your first bigger baby I’d make sure you push for options. I didn’t with tommy as I didn’t know what to do so had a traumatic time.

Whatever option is best for you, I just always say it’s your body and baby so do what’s best and safest! Wishing you loads of luck! Xxx

This is what does worry me. 😳I had quite a traumatic birth with Francesca as she had her hand over her head she was stuck and it was very difficult birthing her I ended up with a really bad tear and they thought it may have been a theatre job. 😬 she was big too- she weighed 8lbs 14oz at 40 + 4 days and what we’ve researched online says any baby over 8lbs 13 is considered large. She was on 75% centile and her sister is looking even bigger 🙈😬 part of me says having a c section with a toddler to look after would be horrendous but then I don’t want a difficult birth like I had with Francesca 🙈😬 husband wishes we were invited to speak to the obstetrician after my scan but I think they want to see what she is measuring next scan as I will be full term then and then make a decision. Thank you and hope you and your boys are well? Xx

Ahh yes, my personal thought is go for the csection, it’s so much less traumatic incase of a bad event like they get stuck. My csection this time was planned but then classed as emergency as I’d gone into labour just days before! 😅 both my boys were on the 99% + centile they measured that big 😅 so I totally know how you are feeling. Do what is best for you and make sure you stand your ground too as they can be a bit funny at times I found with my first pregnancy. Also csection and a toddler isn’t so bad, I was lucky my hubby helped a lot but it’s manageable.❤️ Keep us updated lovely! We are doing good, had a bit of a rough time with Charlie’s feeding but other than that we are doing good! Can’t wait to hear when your little one arrives🤍xxx

Hey hun, I'm right behind you at 32 weeks and my little fat baby is also in 97 percentile. Only the abdominal circumference, everything else like bones and brain size is average. My glucose blood test was normal at 20 weeks but repeating it next week just in case and having monthly growth scans but in reality it only means two. I have chosen to have a c section so I'm not worried about labour. I was a size 16 before getting pregnant and have had insane sweet cravings so I've put on 15kg in 32 weeks! Don't fat shame me please.. 🤭😆😭 As long as you're within the charts and gestational diabetes test is ok I really wouldn't worry! Best of luck for the home stretch. 😘

I agree with what some of the ladies above said - take the measurement with a pinch of salt. I had a growth scan at 37 weeks as measuring big. Despite prior to that growth scans every 4 weeks as measuring small! At 37 weeks they said baby was 7lb 13. I didn’t deliver until 41+5 days and they expected 10.5lb - she arrived bang on 7lb 13! So take it with a pinch of salt. I was getting anxious of a vaginal birth of a “big” baby. And she wasn’t at all… despite assurances they would only be 10% out if at all!

Hi Jess,I’m going through a similar thing as you. Currently at 35 weeks, I was told at 32 weeks baby is measuring at 96 percentile. I keep bring find it’s a BIG BABY. But I saw my OB yesterday and asked her if it means I’ll have an induced labour / c section but she reassured me that I can still have a vaginal birth - plenty of her patients have big babies and are able to deliver just fine. From what she said is that it depends on it’s final size in relation to my anatomy so when they measure my baby in later weeks gets bigger in relation to my it’s they’ll recommend inducing it. If it’s ok they keep monitoring . But naturally I am so not excited about the idea of v birthing a big baby but they’ll wait and see. I have my next growth scan next week . Will try and keep you posted.

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