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IVF after birth/during breastfeeding?

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Hi ladies,

How quickly can you start IVF (egg collection) after birth (in my case a C Section)? Can you still breastfeed or are the hormone drugs harmful?

As you can tell, time is not on our side and would love a sibling.

Thanks xx

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I would check with your clinic as they probably have a clinic policy on this, more for the safety of pregnancy following CS (you need to wait a min of 6 months but preferably 12 months) than breastfeeding and hormones. I will be in a similar position in the next 6 months or so but for us it is mainly more timing as we have some frosties, though still some hormones to contend with if I do a medicated FET. xx

Thanks so much - yes, I just want to bank some more embryos whilst it is still (maybe) possible! Thanks again x

I think all clinics have their own policy but mine (nhs and private) are okay for you to start as long as all healed, periods back to regular and NOT breast feeding. I think from what I have read they might have ways round the breastfeeding thing (express milk for certain parts of cycle) but it can also mess with your cycle a little so looks like my clinic just say not breast feeding. The consultant reviewed my case though before deciding so I think it’s on an individual basis I was able to proceed 6 months after birth with a FET (not breast feeding). Hope that helps xx

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Thanks so much! xx

How old is your baby?

Normally post c section the advise is to wait 6 months minimum before falling pregnant again - but you might want to speak to a health professional to get advise tailored to you

This group is a real wealth of knowledge on breastfeeding and fertility treatment


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Thank you so much, really helpful. I will speak to the clinic and that FB page is brilliant, thanks! x

I started my frozen cycle when my little one was 10 months old however I didn’t have a c section and had stopped breastfeeding. As others have said, I think each clinic has their own policies on how long they want you to wait after, I think my clinic was a year if you’d had a c section. Best advice would be to have a chat with your clinic so you know what’s possible xx

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Thanks so much xx

I just wanted to share this

I had a successful ivf last year after 7 years trying for a baby and had my baby and the second embryo in frozen. I haven't thought of getting pregnant sooner. Do you know what! I become pregnant naturally when my baby was 9 months old

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