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Hi girls, last night , for the first time in my life faci g hemorroid, very painful, 22 weeks.

Does anyone know any medicine?


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Hi. Anusol is good but check with the pharmacy that it’s suitable to use during pregnancy x

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Thank you 🙏

I feel your pain, I struggled in early pregnancy with this , extremely painful.First I would suggest to drink Fibregel I think that’s what they’re called, they are safe in pregnancy - it says on the back of the box. These keep you regular and also your stools softer. It’s just a drink you take twice a day. Get some Epsom salts for your bath and have daily soaks in the bath. I used various ointments, I didn’t find any better than the others. Germaloids (sorry not sure if that’s spelt correctly) does have a numbing affect, it does say on the tube so maybe try that one.

It is horrible, I was in a lot of pain for a week but they went away. Just make sure you’re getting you’re fibre and not getting constipated and try going for walks if you can. X

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Thank you very much .Will try the medicine .

Also eating enough fibre but still constipated.

Thanks again 😇

Hi dear sorry to hear this. I feel your pain. I had a very bad experience with piles before pregnancy I faced this problem I had blood piles. Trust me I was feeling dead. But after taking some herbal medicine it is gone but I don't think this medicine is good during pregnancy. Now I am 33 weeks pregnant but there is a problem. You can drink a lot of hot water and drink juice. Take more fiber and eat white radish and cucumber. it can help you

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Thanks dear 😇

I feel you… I’ve had them on and off through my pregnancy. Iron tablets was making it worse for me and I was bleeding quite heavily with them. I was given laxatives (prescribed and safe in pregnancy, can’t remember the name) and a suppository. Tbh, the suppositories hurt me (they were like rockets!!!) so I just ate loads of high fibre foods and drank lots of water and it didn’t eventually soften. I’ve also since switched to Iron syrup which is helping me go to the toilet vs the tablets that were making me constipated. Unfortunately I still have them, but not as bad or painful! Xx

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Thank you 😊

Funnily enough around the early week 20s, I got my first haemorrhoid too, it was no fun. It was because I was straining too much. I had iron in my pregnancy supplements which were making me constipated (I wrote a post on here about it). Not being regular made it difficult to poo. I recommend dulcosoft stool softener, prune juice and most importantly coming off iron based pregnancy supplements like pregnacare if you are taking those. Walk regularly for exercise too, that helps. My piles went away and hasn’t come back since I changed my supplement intake.

Really appreciate your reply, thanks a lot ❤️