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Sorry for the photo but is discharge like this normal at 15 weeks ?

Im anxious something is wrong with being an older mum to be (age 42) cant remember having this with my other 3 children now aged 20 16 and 14 .

Should i be ringing midwife?

It isnt there all the time just when i wiped once yesterday and once today . Today there was more than yesterday

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Yes you need to call the midwife to get checked asap. Any bleeding in pregnancy needs to be checked. It’s probably nothing but you do need it checked. Hope everything is ok, I’m sure it will be!xxx

Thank you . Going to call first thing x

Fab yes. You can call early pregnancy unit as well if you can’t get through. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about but getting it checked will put your mind at rest :). Good luck and try not to worry too much xxx

Thank you. Rang early pregnancy unit and been told they only see ladies over 19 weeks . My Midwife is available from 8 am x

Ahh sorry about that. Nhs is confusing as it’s different in different areas. EPU saw me when I was about 8 weeks here so sorry for confusion. Hope you get in ok with midwife xxx

I also had this too at 10 weeks. It wasn’t all the time when I wiped, that there would be discharge though. Eventually I went from having brown discharge to noticing blood when I wiped.

I ended up having a miscarriage.

Hope everything is okay with you and baby.

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Sorry to hear you had a miscarriage. Spoke with midwife and she said it can be normal to get abit of discharge like this but any blood and must ring hospital ..X

I had similar discharge in both pregnancies , think if it is brown it tends to be old blood and less of a concern. Red blood definitely needs to be checked out. My first pregnancy resulted in a healthy baby boy and my second pregnancy is progressing well despite a little spotting.

Hope this helps. Of course, always worth getting things checked out if you are concerned.

Thank you spoke with midwife and she seems to think everything is fine. But ive ordered a heart doppler to sent my mind at rest xx

Just be careful with the doppler, even the midwife sometimes struggled to find heartbeats with twins for us.xx

Will do it just arrived . X

Doppler arrived been trying since last night and still not found a heart beat starting to panic xx

This is why they arent really recommended early. My midwife took a fair but of time to find mine and I had twins and that was over 20 weeks. If you are really concerned all I can suggest is perhaps a private scan with ultrasound direct they arent that expensive and would give you peace of mind. Hugs xx

Thank you managed to book one for 11 oclock tomorrow. Xx

Good luck!🤞🏻🤞🏻 I really hope all is ok!xx

Just to note, other than the difficulty finding a heartbeat causing panic the other reason midwives advise against home dopplers is that you can use it because you are worried something is wrong, hear a heartbeat and be reassured so not consult the experts, but actually you've found your own heartbeat or heard the pulsating of the placenta. Ironically, it can cause both unnecessary anxiety and can give a false sense of security.

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