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Pfizer booster after Moderna

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I get an appointment for pfizer booster but previously i received two moderna vaccine on June and September respectively. Is it ok to take different vaccine from the previous one? Has anyone of you experience the same? I'm curious to know..

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Yes it's the policy to have a different one, as it creates a stronger antibody reaction. I had Pfizer two doses then moderna booster.

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Afreen23 in reply to Sfarre

Thanks for sharing your informations..

Yes definitely, I've had 2 Pfizer and Moderna for my booster, it's totally normal

Yes, they're recommending a different one for your booster for maximum immunity. I had two Pfizer then just had Moderna as a booster, OH had two AZs then Moderna and my sisters had two Modernas then Pfizer. Seems the Moderna is more likely to make you feel a bit rubbish for a day but it's very individual.

Thank you for your clarity 😊

I went to get my booster on Saturday and was offered moderna (first two jabs were pfizer) and just asked whether it was possible to have the same as I had before - explained that it was just because I knew I didn’t react with the first two and they switched me from moderna to Pfizer straight away. Moderna and pfizer are both the same type of vaccine and I have read that the immunity increase is more when combining moderna/pfizer with AZ.

I guess mixing may give a sense of better immunity. In IT they call it defense in depth.

I didn't take any. not just because I am pregnant and don't want to take such a risk but I don't do well with some medication that are established and researched never mind something new and controversial like this. So, relying on my immunity and hoping for the best.

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Shopper85 in reply to Jolinkomo

You really should take the vaccine , did u take the 16 to 32 week whooping cough Vaccine?

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Jolinkomo in reply to Shopper85

Ofcourse I took that in all my pregnancies. Just recovered from Covid not long ago. The vaccine may be ok for many but I can't really risk it. My neighbour was in intensive care for 3 weeks and was fully vaccinated. It may work for some but on this occasion I prefer tried, tested, stable and confirmed not rushed, guess, and just in case . Most drugs are not recommended in pregnancy as no one willing to test long term effect. For those who are braver than me well done.

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Seb9 in reply to Jolinkomo

If you're not getting vaccinated against Covid and have no intention of doing so, perhaps you don't need to comment on people who are following the recommendations of the RCOG and the NHS and getting their vaccinations.The majority of pregnant woman in hospital with Covid are unvacinated, so it's very important that they get it. If you've chosen to go against the guidance, that's entirely your decision, but please don't try and put others off, especially when they haven't asked your opinion on taking it, just about others experience of mixing vaccines,which everyone else has given their experience of.

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Jolinkomo in reply to Seb9

Freedom of speech and comment my opinion and choice. All adult and able to make decision. Nothing in my.comnent advised anyone not to take. Whatever they are taking. I chose to be careful based on my personal circumstances and choice. The guidance at the end of the day is a guide.

Hopefully the pandemic goes away soon or virus mutate itself to cohabit as most viruses have done to coexist and not destroy their host. Hopefully then we are all safe from its impact for good vaccinated or naturally immuned or not and the hysteria and judgemental education against people who have a different opinion can also end.

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Seb9 in reply to Jolinkomo

You have freedom of speech, but not freedom from consequences of that speech. You can say what you like, but others are free to tell you what you're writing is unhelpful and incorrect. The guidance is what it is because it's come from informed data, studies and from the RCOG and NHS wanting mothers to stay safe and be protected from illness.

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Shopper85 in reply to Jolinkomo

Fair enough your neighbour may have under lying medical issues? If you're low rusk and well then it would be good. It's just another Vaccine on the list

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Sunnyday33 in reply to Jolinkomo

These vaccinations have been tried and tested and are 100% trustworthy.

I had pfizer then Moderna. No after symptoms with pfizer but a fever with Moderna which is good because it makes your body work harder to build up immunity for a different Vaccine. I didn't ask which I should have I thought it was better Vaccine for omicron. Guess people have answered it above

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Afreen23 in reply to Shopper85

Thanks for sharing your thoughts..

I've had three Pfizer jabs now. No one said anything about having a different type to boost immunity. From what I've read it doesn't matter which one you get

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