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Moring Sickness - Week 6

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Morning all. My partner is 6 weeks pregnant and is suffering really bad from morning sickness(but pretty much all day). She has been prescribed anti sickness tablets which do seem to be taking some of the symptoms away, however, she is struggling to keep any food down at all.

I am at a loose end on what i can do to support her as i am trying my best to get food and drink into her, its just not staying down and i am worried it will start affecting her long term.

What can i do next to help her?

If i take her to hospital what would they do, what experiences have others had?

Any remedies that others have tried and tested?

Do we tell family and friends early so that they can help?

Ive literally purchased every type of food that i can think of to try and help her but having no luck. I am probably panicking as i have 2 other children from a previous relationship with no morning sickness but i just want to help her. She is 31, fit and healthy and i hate seeing her like this.

Thank you in advance. Mr R

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Awww, you're a very caring partner, Reminds me of my boyf. It sounds like shes just have normal morning sickness that shes just going to have ride out and in time (hopefully by week 12) it will fade.

With my morning sickness I was completely debilitated. I wrote a post on it on here. I cried lots, complained lots and felt proper awful for the whole day.

Things my partner did for me which you can do which really helped

* Tidied the house for me because I felt to awful to lift a finger

* Cooked the dinner on request, whatever I could handle at the time. If I requested just bland potatoes or just bland cheese sandwiches, he would go out and fetch it and make it

*Dragged me out for walks. I could have lay on the sofa and wept all day but he literally drag me out and it helped take my mind off things

* Take naps with me so he could cuddle me while I felt crap or allow me to take naps for as long as needed.

* Listened to me constantly moan. And boy, did I moan? But he still listened everyday to my whining.

Don't worry too much. Just be there as best you can.

Ty so much. I'm feeling a bit lost as all her food and water is jest coming back up.

I keep going to get things she wants but it just doesn't stay down 😭

You should speak to the early pregnancy unit as if she's not able to keep food or especially fluids down she might need to go on a drip as she's likely to be very dehydrated and this can be serious if its left so it's important that she gets checked over.

I've literally just this past few minutes arranged a call back so ty for this

I second Liberty82’s suggestion. I had awful sickness with my first pregnancy and was told if I could no longer keep water down I’d need to go in to be given fluids. I hope she feels better soon!

Sorting that now. Ty so much

Ah what a lovely partner. I’m the same - 6weeks in and feeling sick all day, though I can keep things down, just feel awful. One thing that’s helped me is that my partner makes sure I have dry toast or a banana or something easy to eat by my bedside first thing in the morning, since the sickness is worst when your stomach is empty. I’m also trying to eat smaller snacks of applesauce or crackers throughout the day to not let my stomach get too empty between meals.

I tried anti-nausea bracelets, and I do think they help a bit.

But if her first anti-sickness tablets aren’t working, a few other forums on here say that you often have to try more than one to find one that works for you. So she may want to go back to her GP to try a different one, especially if she can’t keep much down.

Good luck to you both! Hope you find something that helps!

She tried 2 so far but no luck. Someone said something about one they use in a needle but I think she may need a drip as well as she isn't well 😢. Fingers crossed they can help her as I am panicking and at a loss now. She has just said herself she needs to go in to get checked over.

She'll be well looked after. You sound like a great partner. Let us know how she is.

Aww ty Just doing what any partner would do.

Still in hospital and they have let me stay with her. Drip and anti sickness straight through seems to be helping. I'm still so worried


I have been there, it’s really awful when it gets so bad. Even normal sickness is hard to live with but at this level it can be unbearable. You are doing all the right things! Getting some help from hospital to make sure she’s not dehydrated is definitely the right approach if she can’t keep water down.

Generally, try ice cubes as they can numb the palate and reduce the reaction. Sucking on ice cubes or sweet ice lolies might help a little bit with dehydration (but no substitute for the drip). Also a full sugar ginger cordial might help and try Sprite or 7Up as it contains electrolytes surprisingly so might be better than water on the bad days.

Other than that small bites of plain crackers and a very simple soup with stock and plain rice might help her ride it out. Basically dissolve a stock cube (any mild flavour, eg vegetable) in half litre of water and then stir in a bit of cooked rice and eat slowly.

Good luck! I hope she’s feeling better soon.

Ty so much for the advice. We spent the night in hospital (currently working and running on fumes). They did an amazing job and managed to get her hydrated via a drip and gave her anti sickness and vitamins. Shes in bed now but i have taken all of the advice on board and luckily i was prepared and updated the ocado shop :).

I had morning sickness and a bag of crystallised ginger worked a treat. Also ginger tea. Got rid of the nausea and is healthy to snack on.

ty :)

Awww, i know how it feels. i had the same sickness.tablets didnt work at all. i use to sit all day n night with sick bags in my hand.😔i wasnt even able to drink water. best thing is to keep her home as she needs rest. try to make her drink liquids only. if she cant drink water try 7up without fizz. or some fruits like grapes, melon orange etc... let her take few sips at a will get better slowly. if she gets too much dehydrated then take her to hospital.otherwise home is the best place she would be more comfortable.

Try ginger sweets t o suck on from Holland and barrets. Ginger cookies. Through trial & error from my morning sickness & vomiting was to sip water than gulp it worked. Also water + lemon too

If she’s not keeping anything down, sounds like it could be hyperemesis. I had that. It was awful. It wasn’t something that could be treated with regular things like ginger. People telling you it’s just “normal” when it’s not normal at all to not keep food or fluids down. In fact, it can be dangerous to leave it untreated so you’re doing the right thing looking into it.

I got IV fluids and anti emetic medication in hospital but I was in and out of hospital the whole pregnancy and lost 3 stone by the time I gave birth.

You are a very caring partner and thank you for sharing your experience. I also had strong morning sickness but not as severe as your partner. I think she has hyperemesis gravidarum and she should be taken care of by the hospital, they will be able to put her on a drip and feed her properly. Then she will be back on her feet. You can call the maternity ward of your hospital and talk to them, they will be able to guide you step by step.

Hey all. We are back home after spending all night in hospital. My partner was fine for a few hours but has started being sick again. She has said she can't do this anymore which has completely broken my heart and I just don't know what to do as it's only us and our management at our jobs that know.

I am lately sat here with a foggy head and don't know if I should tell someone else in the family so we both have a little bit of support as I don't think I can help her on my own.

Do you think telling a family member that lives local is a good idea?

Yes absolutely , tell some friends or family, get support and people to really round you. It's hard doing it on your own at the best of times. Good luck xx

Yes, definitely tell family members if your partner agrees, it is a very difficult thing for both of you to go through and you will need support. Also, reach out to this organization: pregnancysicknesssupport.or..., there is a helpline you can call for practical support. As others have noted above, this type of sickness in pregnancy is not "normal", and can be both physically and mentally devastating.

omg ty so much. i will give them a call. this could be a life saver for both of us

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