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Covid and pregnancy

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Hi all. I just wondered how everyone is coping with pregnancy while the pandemic is going on? I'm 23 weeks and with all the latest in the news I feel terrified of doing anything! I'm double jabbed but now with the government saying we need boosters I'm scared of going out til I get a booster. I'm so torn between wanting to meet friends over Christmas and enjoy my life while I don't have the commitment of children and being terrified of catching covid and risking my baby and myself. Just wondered how others are dealing with the situation or if I'm over worrying. Note I have been socialising, but I just get so nervous by the time I'm home I've convinced myself I've got covid!

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I’m feeling anxious about covid. I had covid in April 2020 when no one really knew what to do it how to make it better I then had long covid from may to February 2021 so I was quite poorly for a long time.

I went and had my booster a few weeks ago and I feel so relieved after doing it!

I’m trying to be sensible in terms of social contact over Christmas. Midwife has said no hugging or kissing friends or family limit touching etc but I’m still spending the day with my in laws 😊

The only thing reassuring me is that I’m double vaccinated and have my booster xx

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It's all so scary isn't it. That's good you've had your booster. I think I'll feel better after that. I did my last bit of socialising yesterday and think I'm gonna stay in now until I see my parents at Christmas. As they're worried for themselves as well. Just so stressful!

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Super scary! I’m finding doing an online hypnobirthing is helping as it’s giving me something else to reframe my thoughts!

I have a high risk pregnancy so being admitted into hospital for a whole month before delivery - like a sitting duck for covid! Pretty worried, but just have to remember I have done everything I can (taken vaccines etc). The stress is very real though so I can relate! X

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Gosh, that sounds so scary. Wishing you all the best. We can get through these last few months. It's so tough for pregnant women right now xx

I understand your worry and feel the same. I've had my 2 vaccines but thought I'll wait until my baby is born in March before I have the booster as I feel poorly enough without another vaccine reaction. But now I'm worried ill need one before and as I've just entered my third trimester there's a higher risk of premature birth due to covid. I'd really love to spend my last child free Christmas with family but now I'm worried about doing so.

Hiya. Yes I felt safer with two jabs. Luckily I didn't have a reaction. But now everything about Omicron and cases going up is terrifying me. I was and still am feeling nervous about the booster but I've booked it now cos I feel like it's more of a risk if I don't have it. I'm not gonna be doing anything now in the run up to Christmas and just see my parents. For me it was a relief when they announced about working from home cos I felt the pressure to be in the office and I sat next to a 20 something guy who was out partying every weekend!

Hope your third trimester goes as well as it can for you. Not too long to go now. Wishing you all the best x

Hi, I think if you are cautious about how/where you meet up and also speak to your friends and ask them to test before you meet then you might be able to find a balance? Meet outside or at someone's house so you're only mixing with those you know have tested, etc?

It is worrying but as long as you minimise the risk. Do what makes you feel comfortable though and I'm sure your friends will understand.

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Hiya. Yes, that's what I've been trying to do. But I've ended up a bit upset about it all. Arranged to meet some friends at the weekend. We had all had PCR tests for different reasons and were all negative and did lateral flows on the day of meeting. When I went to pick my friend up her little boy answered the door and told me he had covid!! You know how kids blurt things out... She had tried to hide it from me. She put me in a really awkward position and I didn't know what to do. I was so upset. She's suffered from pregnancy loss before and I couldn't believe she would let him answer the door and also not even tell me he had it. It really has made me lose trust in people x

I completely understand how you feel. I am 21 weeks and have a very high risk pregnancy after 5 miscarriages. I have been completely isolated from the outside world because I also have autoimmune issues and have been taking lots of medication and high doses of steroids, so I am immunosuppressed. I haven't seen any friends in months and only seen my mum (who is vulnerable as well) and a couple of other very close relatives who are always super careful and do LFTs before meeting me. However, I haven't seen anyone for 2 weeks and I tested positive at the weekend. How did I get it? I honestly have no idea. Both my husband and I are working from home and haven't been interacting with anyone and we try to do the shopping online. I only went to hospital last week, as I had appointments with various consultants, so that is the only way I could have got it, but anyway I was wearing a mask all the time, so it is all very strange! I have pregnant friends who are living their lives as normal and they haven't got it... My advice is do what you feel is right for you. Wishing you a lovely Christmas xx

Gosh, that must be so tough. That's also crazy how you got it. Were you lucky and didn't get any symptoms? Maybe it was some sort of weird false positive although I know that can be unlikely. Similar to me me and my husband have hardly been anywhere and suddenly we got really bad colds and coughs. We took PCRs and keep doing lateral flows. All negative. Was very strange. But yeah some pregnant women aren't worried at all and just carry on. I was feeling ok after two jabs but now obviously the government is saying two jabs aren't enough. Feels like it will never end. It's so scary. I've just booked my booster now for next week cos I'm so scared. Hope everything goes well for you x

I had two positive antigen tests and a PCR test... But my husband tested negative, which is really weird as we had spent all our time together (except when I went to the hospital, as he wasn't allowed in). I had a high fever on Friday and have had a sore throat and been coughing a lot, just like a bad cold. The worst has been the extreme fatigue I am suffering (not sure if it is Covid or pregnancy related or related to my autoimmune issues though!). I just feel so lucky to have had my two doses of the vaccine, as I am sure it would have been much worse without them! We are going through such strange and scary times at the moment... Good luck with your booster and with the rest of your pregnancy! xx

Don’t stress - I got pregnant March last year at the start of the pandemic when NO jabs were available - I worked in an office all the way up until I was 8 months in central Cardiff city centre & gave birth on Boxing Day.

Just stay safe & wear your mask - your be fine!!

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Cookie2810 in reply to Errxo

That's amazing. I really can't believe how the pregnant women did it pre vaccines. One of my friends was just in isolation for months. So glad it went okay for you. Reassuring to hear xx

I was thinking about posting this very thing this morning! I am 32 weeks, double-jabbed, high risk pregnancy, and 40yo with asthma and anaemia. I was kind of OK with how things were because I am working from home and pretty much a recluse right now to protect myself (I meet with a few select friends to go for walks with but that's it for socialising) but the transmissibilty of omicron is scary. The main way I am likely to get it is from health appointments. I can't offer you any words of wisdom because I broke down last night after watching the PM's speech and finding out we're doing virtually f*ck all to slow this thing down other than begging people to get boosters. The only thing I am taking comfort in is if I get COVID while pregnant the baby is much more likely to survive it than I am. I think I will feel a bit better once I have my booster in January and just hanging in there until then. I don't think you're overreacting as it is a really scary situation, and everyone is in a slightly different situation regarding individual risk etc. xx

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Nora2021 in reply to Purpledoggy

Good to see posts here about it. I am 33 weeks today and had only 1 vaccine in May when didnt know I was pregnant. Thought I’d wait it till after birth and be careful. But these news with Omicron really messed my head up!!! I also havent had my whooping cough vaccine which I am getting tomorrow and I heard you need to have some time between two vaccines.So I am now really scared :(

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Purpledoggy in reply to Nora2021

I just had a look at the RCOG guidance on this. It says:

Q. Should I leave an interval in between having my COVID-19 vaccine or booster and other vaccines such as flu and whooping cough?

You can have the COVID-19 vaccine or booster at the same time as other vaccines such as the flu jab or the whooping cough vaccine. Sometimes it will not be possible to have the vaccines together for logistical reasons. If they aren’t given together then they can be administered at any interval, although separating the vaccines by a day or two will avoid confusion over any side-effects.

Hope that helps xx

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Nora2021 in reply to Purpledoggy

Oh wow! It is very helpful! Thanks so much xxx

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Purpledoggy in reply to Nora2021

NP 🙂 The rest of it is here if you need it:


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Cookie2810 in reply to Nora2021

Yeah I was the same I had my second jab without knowing I was pregnant but glad I had it now. I was anxious and still am a bit about having a booster but I've now booked it for next week cos I've got so scared with the covid cases going up and Omicron. There's a really useful immunologist on twitter who explains about how safe the vaccines are in pregnancy who you can follow: I've found her really helpful and reassuring.

Defo have the whooping cough as it's very important. I was worried I'd get side effects but was fine. I've also had the flu jab. I feel like I've had so many jabs this year it's mad!

Wishing you all the best. We can get through this! Xx

Hey. I felt the same with the PM's speech. Was like that horrible feeling of doom from march last year. I felt glad to not have been pregnant last year and thought we were over the worst of everything now. Now suddenly it all feels like we're going backwards and yes, with our useless Government it feels like things are only going to get worse. It's such a worry. Now they've opened up the booster programme I've just booked my jab for next week as it'll be five months since my last one. Think I'll feel safer from having it. I was relieved they announced working from home cos I felt so much pressure to go into the office. And was relieved our work cancelled their Xmas party too (not that I was going to go) but I feel like it's frowned upon by management if you don't go. Just feel that some companies don't care for pregnant women and appreciate what we're going through. Hang in there, we can do this xx

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