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NHS First booking appt?

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Hi all,

I just got my positive pregnancy test, only 5 weeks along but already having morning sickness all day. I filled in a midwife referral form and got my 12week scan appt by mail, but I haven’t heard anything about an initial appt before that - is it standard to have a 1st appt with your midwife at 8-10wks before your scan? Hoping to get in soon to talk about anti-nausea medicines, but I guess I could book in with my GP as well? Any advice welcome:).

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Yes it is normal to have it then however you can call GP as everything is logged there too

Yes my midwife contacted me by phone on week 8 of my LMP and arranged my booking appointment

Normal. If you need something prescribing you need to speak to your gp as midwives normally can't prescribe.


I have filed the form when I was around 4 weeks and still haven’t heard anything from them, no letter or call. I am now 7 weeks 3 days and it is kind of worrying so booked a private scan just to put my mind at rest. I am surprised how there has been no contact, especially for the first time pregnancies where you don’t know what to expect, and every time my tummy hurts I am freaking out 😂

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Ah yes, same! Where are you located? I’m in Hastings/Eastbourne, so I’m going to try to call the number they gave me on the 12wk scan. Happy to give you the number if you’re nearby, or if not you could probably find the number online?

My GP said to follow up with the midwives if I didn’t hear anything by week 7-8, so you definitely could!

How was the private scan, and was it expensive? Might do that if I can’t get an appt soon

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I am in Southampton area. The private scan is £79 and you can do it from 6weeks, going there tomorrow so can keep you posted. When I called my Gp they told me they don’t deal with pregnancies and gave me the website for self referral 😀 I mean yeah, great, but some sort of guidance would of been much appreciated 😂

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Ok thanks - yes let me know how it goes! I’m pretty tempted to do the same, so I don’t have to wait another month for a scan…

My GP was exactly the same! And I was like ok, but I tried to book direct with a midwife online and couldn’t find the referral form so.. what do you expect?! They don’t like to hold your hand on anything though, do they? 🤦‍♀️

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Oh dear, sorry to hear that but at the same time I thought maybe it was just me unlucky to get zero help from Gp! Oh my God, I had my scan, the experience is something out of this world. Saw a little heartbeat, little legs and arms, was told that I am in fact 8weeks 2 days instead of the previous calculation of 7 weeks and 4 days. It was all so surreal, couldn’t stop smiling, they also measure baby size, check both ovaries, tells you whether it is where it should be, honestly - worth every penny!! 🥰🥰 I was very anxious and nervous before but after seeing it, it really helped me to relax a bit.

Is this your first pregnancy? It is for me, and because apart from increased appetite and nausea I wouldn’t even tell I am pregnant, so seeing that heartbeat and coming to realisation that I have a little human growing inside me is just something wow😅

I thought I would get a midwife assigned to me automatically by maternity services or should I try and find one separately then? 😅🤔

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Ah so amazing!!! Makes me really want to try to get one earlier too. I am the same - very nauseous, but kind of just feel like I have an annoying stomach flu instead of feeling pregnant? And you’re 8 weeks already - how exciting!!

Did you have to get a referral from your GP, or were you able to book the private scan directly?

I just got my call from my midwife yesterday who was assigned to me through the referral form. She said usually they wouldn’t call before week 8-10, but she has some availability and was trying to book more people in before the holidays. So I’m going in next week. I bet you’ll get your assigned call in the next week or so, but can’t hurt to call now to find out since you’re further along than you thought! Before I got my call yesterday, I actually called my local hospital and they routed me to the booking person, who confirmed they’d be in contact shortly.

Yes, this is my first, which is my excuse for being so needy 🤣

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Oh yes you can get a scan directly, it is called window to the womb, check them out! If they don’t have one nearby where you live just Google early pregnancy scan and I am sure you will find it. Glad you got your call, I can imagine it releases the tension and worry you had.

I know what you mean about that stomach flu, I feel similar, just feels very unpleasant but not like gagging and feeling that I will throw up. Haven’t actually been sick once either.

I have called the midwife services yesterday and they confirmed they have my details, however they are working through mid September LMS and mine is mid October so that made sense. She confirmed I will have my appointment around 12-14 weeks ( which I think is a bit late ) but what can I do.

Oh trust me I am needy as well 😂

Where are you based? I filled my form in at 3 weeks and have only had my badger app details through & nothing else. I’m 9 weeks on Monday (LMP) & wondered if it’s a location thing?

I really want my appt …

Ah yes.. I’m in Hastings - where are you? Yeah it’s weird that they send everything separately, and I wasn’t sure if I’d get the appt by mail, phone or email. Did you get your 12wk scan appt? There is a phone number on mine, so I’m going to call to see if I can check when my first booking appt will be.

Good luck with everything! Is this your first? I’m desperate for my appt because it is my first, and it somehow doesn’t feel real until a midwife confirms it…?

I self referred at 4+3 and had both my appointments through this week. I’m now 5+5. I’m based south east London.

Thanks! What does the 4+3 and 5+5 mean? I’m new to all of this:)

4 weeks, 3 days and 5 weeks, 5 days. So how long you are pregnant 😃

Ah thank you! I’m 5+5 too then! Is this your first? How’s it going so far?

Oh wow that’s crazy! Yeah all fine so far. Going to book and early scan for the 23rd as I just can’t wait until Jan 30th for my first NHS scan. I’m feeling so good, it’s hard for me to believe I am pregnant. My boobs are sensitive and I have periods of tiredness, but then I could put that down to completely giving up coffee. I love the gym also, so had a chat to all of my trainers and they all know, so adapting exercises and exertion levels.

Slightly concerned with how much covid is going around, I’m a nurse so have had my booster but still don’t want to take any chances.

Sounds like you have been having it rough with morning sickness, sorry to hear that. I have hand a few queasy moments but I’m putting it down to my imagination for now as nothing has really happened!

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Oh and yes this is my first too 😃

That’s so great! Let me know how it goes.. I may need to book a private scan too because not sure I can wait til end of Jan also for this first one either.

So envious of your lack of symptoms and workouts - good for you! I really miss working out but have been feeling so sick, all I’ve done is walks. Those do really help though, so I’m going to try to work up to light workouts this week. The “morning sickness “ is awful because it makes me not want to do or eat anything, but I am learning how to control it a bit better now by eating certain foods and having more frequent small meals instead of 3 a day.

Keep me posted how it’s going - I love that we have the same due date!

The same happened for me, I got my 12 week scan appointment by letter, but not the 8 week one. I gave them a call and they said the appointment had already been made for me and gave me all the details, the letter then arrived a few days after I made the call :)

This appointment before your scan will be your booking appointment, they will ask questions on your general health; babies dad, contact details etc... Take your height and weight, maybe some bloods and your blood pressure, and potentially give you your vitamins and booklets. Nothing to worry about, completely normal.

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