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Pregnancy test

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Is this a positive test

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Looks positive to me congrats.I'm having abit of trouble trying to see if mine is evap or faint positive can you see it?

8dpo it Is much clearer this website makes pictures slightly blury x
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Zaragilbert in reply to molly345

Defo a line

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molly345 in reply to Zaragilbert

Thankyou ❤️ and congrats yourself x

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Queency in reply to molly345

It's positive congratulations 😊

Yes that is positive, do another just to be sure, congratulations x

Definitely a positive. Congratulations 🎉

If it appeared within the time frame - would most certainly say positive. ❤️

May be worth doing a how many weeks - as that will confirm in writing!

Can anyone tell about mine?

Pregnancy test

Mine look the exact same did you Find out?

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