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Whooping cough vaccine?

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Hi ladies,

I have my whooping cough vaccine booked for next week. Little nervous about it.

Any experiences to share?

Thanks x

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Hi Hayleh, I just had mine done on Monday and it was totally fine.I’m a needle phobic so told the nurse and she was super gentle. I just looked away and she asked me to cough when the needle went in so I was distracted. Didn’t hurt at all 😬And it wasn’t sore after either. You’ll be grand xx

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Hayleh123 in reply to Millbanks

Thank you so much ❤️

I had whooping cough in both of my pregnancies and was absolutely fine with both. Didn't hurt and didn't ill at all afterwards.

I had everything offered in my last pregnancy, flu whooping cough and 2 covids, baby is nearly 3 months old and totally perfect 😊

Thank you so much! I also had flu and Covid vaccines, not sure why I am nervous about this one :)

Thanks for your reassurance x

I mirror what the other ladies have said - I had my flu & whooping cough vax at the same time, at 20 weeks pregs (5 days after my 1st covid vaccine) and I had zero symptoms or side effects, just felt the same as any normal jag 🙂 x

My arm was a little more sore with WC than flu and COVID jabs but far less than I was expecting. No big deal at all. Just remember why you are doing it, you’ll be fine xx

I’m 38 weeks, had mine at 19. Absolutely fine, no side effects at all, no regrets. And this can vaccine has been vigorously tested and trialled

Oh and I didn’t even feel it no exaggeration, was over in seconds

Easiest part of all the pregnancy ‘stuff’ 🤗 this jags for the babies protection too rather than yours as it crosses the placenta so I’m so glad I got it. You’ll be fine mrs xx

Hiya, I had mine last week, it was absolutely fine. I had a sore arm for a couple of days after but I'm used to that after my flu and covid jabs this year xxx

Asp going to get mine soon and wondered what others think about it. I am 31 weeks pregnant and was told should get it up to 33 weeks.

I had it around 18 weeks if I'm not mistaken and it was absolutely fine. No issues whatsoever.

Hi! I had mine last week at 21 weeks. Didn't even feel the needle go in! Did have an achey arm the next day but no other side effects at all so was very pleased it went okay!

I had mine around 21 weeks, it was nothing to worry about! No achey arm or anything x

I had whooping cough & flu at the same time. The arm I got whooping cough in was more sore but I didn't really get any symptoms and arm was fine a few days later.

Did not feel vaccine at all, but had a mildly sore arm the next day - I always seem to get this with any vaccine. But no other side effects and arms back to normal 2 days after 🥰

Just wanted to say - thank you SO much everyone. Feel much more confident now xx

I can only speak for myself but both WC and flu jabs were side effects free and relatively painless. Covid gave me arm ache but didn't have that with either WC or flu.

Let the nurse know you'd like to avoid seeing the needle and hopefully you'll feel more relaxed. But above all - you've got this!.<3

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