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8 weeks old not taking a lot of milk?

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My 8 week old is formula fed. He’s feeding every 4 hours but sometimes will only have 2oz/3oz maximum is the odd 4oz bottle. He does have reflux and we are just trying baby gaviscon but that’s not agreeing with him so ringing the drs tomorrow, just didn’t know if that amount of milk was normal or not as my first born was draining 6oz bottles each feed at this point😅.

I’ve changed the test size incase it’s that but it hasn’t made a difference. He does seem to cry and struggle sometimes whilst I’m feeding him and is always full of wind! He burps and pumps like a champ tho so I don’t think it’s colic.

Any advice would be helpful!



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If baby is having plenty of wet and dirty nappies and is gaining weight, probably not too much to worry about.I breastfeed so I've no idea what my baby is taking so I wouldn't worry too much about actual measurements as long as your feeding baby whenever they show hunger cues.

Maybe speak to your health visitor about regular weight checks to make sure they're gaining weight well.

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Thankyou so much, he’s having plenty of wet nappies, just not a lot of dirty ones! He’s struggling with that. I’m going to ring the drs or health visitor tomorrow for some advice as I know it could just be linked to his reflux. Deffo need to make sure he’s gaining weight so thank you so much for your message x

Hi not sure if this helps but my little girl was the same and also has bad reflux i swopped her onto aptamil anti-reflux milk which is a little thicker than others and the dr prescribed omeprazol and she started drinking more milk, i found other milks were more watery and made her reflux worse which wad why she wasnt drinking much. X

Aw Thankyou so much! I’ve been wondering about changing his milk as I don’t think this one is working for him! That’s brilliant, I’ll try that and the dr mentioned omeprazole if gaviscon didn’t work xx

Your welcome, its a little trial and error but worked wonders for my little girl so i would reccomend giving it ago. X

Try gripe water it works instantly and super useful for gassy and constipated babies

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