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Advice on the best heater for the baby's room (newborn)

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Hello everyone!

I would like to know your opinion about the best heaters for a newborn room.

My house is extremely cold and the baby will be born in January....

I was wondering what would be the best heater.

I read that ceramic heaters dry the air less than oil heaters...

What is your experience?

Thank you

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Hey there, I can understand you you want baby to be cosy and warm however, it’s not good for them to be too warm!I’d def recommend getting Gro Egg or something similar. You could set this up before baby arrives so you can see exactly how warm/cold the rooms are where baby will be during the day/night.

Then you’ll have an idea if you need a heater and how many layers/blankets baby needs.

I had one for both my babies and found it so reassuring!

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Rex2021 in reply to Pasaeoco01

I have one similar yes. Thank you!

My first born is a January baby. Our old house was freezing so we just layered her up to keep her warm. That way it’s easier to remove layers if baby gets too warm x

So no need to use a heater?

No I don’t think there’s a need for one personally x

Hiya, I live in a cold house too, it's an old stone cottage and we've not had any heating in the bedrooms.. We've just got some pretty high tech heating installed and can't recommend it enough. It's far-infrared heating panels, they cost a fair bit but they are highly efficient and the 2nd cheapest to run after gas central heating. We got ours from Herschel. You can get plain white panels, mirrors or even photo / image heating panels. They don't heat the air in the room like normal convection heaters which can be a problem if your house is not air tight because you get lots of heat loss

Instead, they radiate heat out and warm the objects in the room (walls, floors) which then retain and radiate heat bank out at you. It feels like standing in the sun. We've had ours a week and I could weep with happiness they're so good! They also get rid of mould and damp which is a problem for baby and a problem we have in our house. We're due in April so we're so pleased that baby will be warm!

Photo of the pain white panels on the bedroom ceiling.

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