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Has anyone had a covid vaccine in their first pregnancy trimester? How you and baby is feeling? No miscarriage??

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Covid vaccine and early pregnancy

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I had both my vaccinations in my second trimester, only because the guidance hadn't been updated until I got to my second or I would have had it earlier. Had a healthy baby girl in September who is just perfect 😊

I had mine at 28 weeks and second jab at 34 weeks . My baby was born on 24 oct and healthy 😊 research says that if you get vaccine while pregnant then you can pass antibodies to baby as well

I had my first vaccine whilst not pregnant. When it was time for my second I found out I was expecting so made the decision to wait until my second trimester. All I had was a sore arm and I had my 20 week scan yesterday - all was OK. It is a huge decision to make and I went back and forth for a while deciding what to do! All the best to you!

Had my first while doing IVF and my second at 10.5 weeks. I’m now 26 weeks, all fine and I’m glad I did. x

Had my first before I was pregnant and second at 6 weeks, I'm now 24 weeks and scans haven't shown any issues.

Hi I had both doses during this pregnancy at 13 and 20 weeks approximately. I’m about to give birth any day now. Extremely straightforward pregnancy , baby is growing well and on the large side, all scans have been as normal as one could wish for, he is active and already head down and engaged so knows exactly what he needs to do (including reassuring strong kicks).

I had hardly any side effects from either dose and it gave me such peace of mind to go to hospital appointments knowing we are protected.

I had a different point of view on the vaccine, I am more worried by Covid in pregnancy. I had losses previously and I would never take the risk of losing or harming my baby because I caught Covid when there is an available vaccine to prevent it.

I also feel I protect other vulnerable pregnant women as I am less likely to pass infection on to my midwife or consultant and be the source of illness for women who may not be able to take the vaccine during this time.

Hi Sima,

I had my first COVID vaccine at 12 weeks and my second one 2 days ago (21 weeks). No issues :)

Hope this helps.



Hi Sima

I had my first dose before I was pregnant and 2nd at 10 weeks. I was nervous about the 2nd in first trimester due to a loss few months before (nothing to do with vaccines or covid) but helped that I had my 12 week scan booked 2 weeks after for reassurance. I'm 24 weeks and growth / scans are all good. X

Hi, I had my vaccines at 23 and 34 weeks and gave birth to a perfectly healthy amazing boy in September x

I had my first jab 2 weeks before getting pregnant and my 2nd when I was 16 weeks. I had the AZ vaccine and my 3 day old baby girl is perfect 🥰

Thank you ladies, Majority had theirs at 2nd trimester and as I understand it was mainly tested with 2nd and 3rd trimester so I think I might just wait until early 2nd trimester.

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Hi SimaSi, there has been new data coming out today urging women to take the vaccine at any stages of pregnancy even in early pregnancy. There is absolutely no need to wait till the second semester, this vaccine, apart from causing tiredness, is safe, even in early pregnancy. I know this is your call, but taking the vaccine as soon as you can will save your baby and protect you fully.

Hi lovely, I had the first vaccine when I was 21 week pregnant and the second one at 26 weeks, together with the flu vaccine. At that time, I was told to wait until 12 weeks but realised that the medical guidance from the RCOG advised pregnant women to get the vaccine at any stage of the pregnancy. No major side effects apart from being very tired after the first vaccine. I am 27 weeks now and had my growth scan two days ago. Everything is normal and looking good, my baby is in very good health. I decided to take the vaccine to protect my baby and me, to protect the consultant who is looking after me and the whole medical team:) good luck with getting the vaccine. You are now able to have the second vaccine three weeks after the first shot, by going to a walk-in centre. I had my second dose five weeks after the first one.

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