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Early teething

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My son is a week shy of turning 4 months. He has started teething already and is now refusing breast milk. Has anyone any experienced such an occurrence? Any tips ?

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Nursing strikes are fairly common, they usually pass fairly quickly, just keep offering when he shows hunger signs.Sometimes around this time people mistake teething for baby finding their hands and chewing them lots and lots of dribble, my little one did this but didn't actually get a tooth till she was around 8 months, so if there's no sign of a tooth coming it could be this.

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Yes. I'm able to see the tooth erupting. But thank you for the reply. This feed refusal has made me quite tense

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If you can see the tooth coming through, maybe rub a bit of anbesol on the gum before trying to feed. I found that was the best thing for teething because it's proper pain relief rather than herbal stuff like the powders or bonjela.

Teething powder is great for teething swear by it. Brace yourself for the tooth to look like coming through and going away again tho as that happen to us. Madams teeth started then went away. Hope all goes well tho

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😟 .. teeth come and ... go away??? I'm still in second trimester so I haven't started the baby books yet but this sounds wild! Where do they go??? They just get covered by the gum after after they come through... ??!?!?!? 😅😅😅

Have you come across La Leche League?This link may sound you familiar...


We do also online and virtual meetings to support breastfeeding!

Let me know if you would like to attend to any of them!

It's all free, as we are a charity and we are volunteers;)

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