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Am I pregnant or is it a false reading ??

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Decided to take a test this morning not really expecting anything but this is what was on the test ???

Am I pregnant or is it a false pregnancy ? Will be taking a digital tomorrow ! Help !

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Hi there almost looks as though there are 2 vertical lines coming down. Did the lines come up within the time frame? Clear blue are notorious for evap lines, I've had a few times thinking I was pregnant when I wasn't but I don't think the lines came up within 3 mins. Unfortunately unless you have another test then it's hard to say but it potentially looks like it could be a dodgy test. I hope you get the result you want though! X

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Yeah it most definitely has two vertical lines but they haven’t gone away. From what I know if the test is negative the lines will go away ? I’m not even sure but I did buy a different set of test for tomorrow, I’m hoping for the best. Thank you !

It look positive… the two lines look sketchy but if I had to guess it would be positive. Keep us posted .

Make sure you do it with a full bladder!!! Good luck

It looks faulty to me, I would do another test

Looks strange. Do another one

Did you re test at all? X

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