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Breastfeeding and drinking

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Can anyone give any advice with breastfeeding and drinking? I am going to a wedding and my 4 months old baby is sleeping out. Obviously I’ll be having a fair few drinks… can I feed him the next day? Xx

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Everything I’ve read seems to indicate you can, that very little alcohol actually gets through to your milk. Apparently it’s the equivalent of pouring a shot into a swimming pool. The main thing to be wary of is being fit to hold your baby and following the advice of no bed sharing etc that night, but you won’t be doing anyway. So if you can safely hold your baby, your safe to feed xx

Hey hun. Thanks for the reply. So he’s sleeping out and will be having bottles and Before bed and during the night (if he needs one) and then he will probably have his first

Morning feed as a bottle. Which means I’ll feed him at about 9am

But like I’m not saying I will be drinking slot but say I do get really drunk…. I won’t be able to feed at 9am? Xxx

If your anything like me it probably won’t take much to get you drunk anyway after not really drinking for so long 😆 I’m sure by 9am you will be fine to feed him xx

If you're not going to be with baby overnight then you'll be fine to feed the next day. If you're sober enough to hold baby safely then you can feed them. Your might need to consider what you will do at the wedding during the day because you will start to get full. You might need to pump several times during all day just to keep comfortable. Otherwise you may risk engorgement and possibly mastitis.

Hey! Thanks for the advice. I’ve got a hand pump to take with me so that’s all good.

I can’t usually pump that much off so when he’s away from me he will just be having formula. Will this affect his latch coming back? I worry that he will love having like 5 bottles that he won’t wana come back to my boob!! Haha x

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Seb9 in reply to Hollybarker95

If you've already got feeding established then one day away from you shouldn't be a problem. You might just need to have a day or two of lots of skin to skin to up your supply after a day off.

Have you heard of pace feeding ? May be best to ask the person whos watching and feeding him while your away to pace feed the bottle. Apparently that's to help prevent them prefering a bottle

I was advised when it was my hen do that if you’d be safe to drive then you’re safe to feed. I think this was cautious but it’s what I did and felt relaxed about it.

Just a word of warning, I did this once with a hand pump and ended up with mastitis. You really need to make sure you pump as regularly as you would be feeding, not just when they feel too full. It also helps maintain your supply. Does baby take any formula now? Maybe trial some before the day if not so you are confident baby will drink it while away from you. I wouldn’t worry about baby coming back to the boob the next day, should be fine.

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