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Brownish and black discharge during pregnancy

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Hello, My last period started on 3 October 2021. After the periods I have HSG Test (fallopian tube) 10 October 2021. I had a brownish discharge after the test and also pain in my uterus.

1st November 2021: I get the same discharge one day before the period. It’s still getting brownish discharge since 1 November. My pregnancy test is positive but low HCG BETA Count.

10 November My HCG beta value was 113.9

I am worried about the brownish and black discharge, but I have no horrible cramps or red blood. I am taking folic acid medicine daily.

Should I be concerned?

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The dark blood is usually old blood leaving the body so could be from a few things, including implantation bleeding, a repeat HCG blood test will help to see if your levels are rising as they should. Try not to worry it’s good there is no red blood and no cramps. Wishing you lots of luck xx

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i think i lost my baby

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I’m so sorry to hear that I also had a chemical pregnancy in 2019 (lost the pregnancy just over 6 weeks) and it’s heartbreaking ❤️‍🩹 I hope you have lots of support around you xx

Hi Rose im Thabisa1 just going through what you went through did u see you baby at 5 weeks,did he show on the scan,cause my doctor doesn't see anything

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