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Two lost pregnancy

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The statistics says that it 20% of all pregnancies,but if it repeats for you in bigger percentage!? I have 2 miscarriage on 4-7 weeks of pregnancy for two years. We have no children with my husband. I'm going to 40 years old but my husband 30. Both we are healthy and active.

Girls, who have had these tragedies in your life, please give me hope

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I’m so sorry for your losses.

I’ve had two miscarriages. The first was a missed miscarriages picked up at my 12 week scan, and I miscarried at 13+1 and the second I miscarried very early and it was deemed a chemical pregnancy (loss before 5 weeks). After my first miscarriage, I was hit my a wave of grief I’ve never experienced before. It took me a long time to piece myself back together again. The second hit me hard because it was our third IVF transfer with two embryos and I was running out of steam.

I’ve had four transfers, two egg collections and it was my fourth transfer that worked for us and I’m now 22 weeks pregnant. It was incredibly hard to keep going but I’ve wanted to be a mummy for so long that I just couldn’t give up.

I focused a lot on my mental health and my physical strength. I ate well, took the right vitamins, ate the “right” foods such as healthy fats and protein, and immune boosting foods.

Have you had any fertility tests done?

I think there is a statistic somewhere that even those who suffer recurrent miscarriage still have a very high chance of bringing home a healthy baby - I know that doesn’t take away the pain right now, but I hope it gives you some hope that it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to conceive and bring home your baby too 🍀💫💗

There’s a book called It Starts With The Egg - if you haven’t read it yet, I’d recommend it.

Wishing you lots of luck 🌈 xxx

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Dear, thank you so much! I will pray for you and your baby! Never give up and be the sample for women who so close to loose their hope. Wish you text here again with healthy baby on your hands ❤️

Hi I’m so sorry for your losses!

I have had 4 miscarriages in total, 2 before my son was born and 2 after my son was born, I’m now currently 35+3 pregnant! I never wanted to give up hope of giving my son a brother or sister so we kept trying despite the possibility of miscarrying again! I want to say the same to you! This doesn’t mean the end for you! The fact you can get pregnant is a good sign! Please don’t give up hope! Your rainbow baby will come when the time is right for you and your husband! I’ll keep you in my thoughts and sending baby dust to you both! X

Thanks darling for these warm words and wish you come back here in future with a good news ;)🥰

I also had 2 miscarriages, 1 at just over 6 weeks then 2 years later at 10 weeks. I remember being in tears to my partner saying I don’t want to go through this again.A year later I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease and my miscarriages came up in discussion. Graves’ disease (thyroid) can effect pregnancy, they did a number of fertility tests but they came back as okay. I was put on medication for my over active thyroid, which you were not allowed to get pregnant on, 6 months into this me and my partner decided we were going to give having a baby one more try. So I discussed this with my consultant and I opted to have my thyroid removed.

1 year after this, pretty much to the date and I found out I was pregnant at age 39 🥰 I’m now 22 weeks pregnant and all is going well and I’m due to give birth on my 40th birthday. It’s been a really nerve racking as we had bleeding early on on a number of occasions and extra scans, but baba is doing great and now I’ve gotten over most of my fears and worries and am just excited.

I would advise speaking to your GP and asking for them to do some fertility check and also ask if you have any current medical conditions which may effect you carrying.

Wishing you all the best lovely and sending big virtual hugs x

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Oh, what a sweet story you sent for me :) I am in your age and your message giving me a big hope! I am ready to happy cry reading it💕😘 Wish you to be happy mama 🤗

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Oh God! I've read about Graves’ disease and recognize my symptoms a little in eyes and in muscle of my right leg for a long time. I told this my every doctor but nobody connected it. You're my first doctor in it :)

Hi JaneVe,

I have had 5 miscarriages and I have 3 children. I read countless information after my third miscarriage as I knew I could get pregnant but struggled to get past the 6/7 week mark. I used vitamin e and raspberry leaf at various periods in my cycle and I tried baby aspirin and I managed to stay pregnant. Obviously I can't advise you to do anything as I'm not a doctor but it might be worth looking at. Don't lose hope, it's such a heartbreaking time! Xx

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Oh thank you so much, Natasha,I listen and doctors and you not less than them. I will use your advise about leafs and vitamin E for sure!🍓 Mama also said me about leafs and doctors about vitamin E :)

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What about baby aspirin,for what it is and how to use?

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