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How much are baby scans nhs

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I have a baby scan soon, and have been told that sometimes you have to pay so I’m just wondering how much are scans! Thank you! UK NHS

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If you're from the UK or work on the UK and pay tax and have an NHS number, you don't pay for the scans, you pay for the scan photos if you want some to take away, our hospital charged £5 but each hospital trust might be different.

All NHS scans are free! You contact your midwife (usually via GP) and they will book you in for a consultation and arrange a 12 week scan for you. You then also get a 20 week scan. If they require any more scans for any reason they will arrange those but that’s the 2 standard ones.

You can pay privately if you want scans in between, gender scans, 4D etc but these are at private places. Some health boards won’t tell you the gender anymore so people sometimes do that. I found the cost between £50-£70 at the private places but they are only an option all the required scans are free on NHS. Xx

Hi , for one scan photo its 5 pound for 1 and dor 3 it’s £10 I’m disgusted that you have to pay xxx my scan is Thursday

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Do you mean the photos as opposed to the actual scan?xx

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Photos of scan x

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I happily paid for my scan photos knowing there might be a chance that more money can go towards NHS staff that are being undervalued and underpaid. Better for funding to come away from providing free photos than from nursing wages that are not keeping up with the rising cost of inflation.

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Firstly, I work for the nhs and no amount of money can compensate from nhs workers but just nurses . Not everybody has money to pay for scans, every circumstance is different and everyone is entitled to an opinion.

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shell23 in reply to Rennxo

I appreciate that something significant needs to change to value NHS workers in the way they should be. I just think we are fortunate to be in a country where scans are free and healthcare bills are not something we need to worry about. Scan photos are a luxury when mothers in other countries can’t even afford to have regular antenatal appointments so I just think saying to pay for them is disgusting is just a bit of a strong remark.

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My opinion, your opinion. ! Have a nice day .

The actual scan is free but you pay for scan photos. At the hospital I’m at they’re £5 each or 3 for £10.

Thank you guys!!

They are free if you have an nhs number,they charge for photos which on my 12 weeks scan she charged me £5 and gave me 3 photos and on my 20 weeks scan another lady who did it for free and when I offered a £5note she said no at the moment we don’t charge and gave me 2 pictures although my 12 weeks scan was during pandemic but one charged me one didn’t.

Iv had 6 scans this pregnancy (38 weeks now) and haven’t paid for a single picture. Depends on your hospital x

Think it must depend on the hospital as in the scan letter it said it's £2.50 per scan. Then when we were there she gave us two scan photos and didn't charge us anything.

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