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Brownish discharge

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Brownish discharged yesterday morning start

I am worried whats the problem with me.

Today is my periods date

I check pregnancy test but didn't understand

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If you had brown discharge yesterday and your period is due today, could it just be the start of your periods? Brown blood usually is old blood.If you're not sure of your test maybe get a digital test that says pregnant or not pregnant.

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Rosemughal in reply to Seb9

Spotting 3,4 times Not blooding in periods

I check my pregnancy test yesterday night.

Test Light line

I think this is positive test result

I am getting the same discharge one day before the period. It’s still getting brownish discharge since 1 November. My pregnancy test is positive but low HCG BETA Count.

10 November My HCG beta value was 113.9

I am worried about the brownish and black discharge, but I have no horrible cramps or red blood. I am taking folic acid medicine daily.

Should I be concerned?

brownish discharge

MY HCG faint line is still light color.

I would just wait it out. It may be the start of your period, if not the brown would eventually go away and your period would be missed.

Go to urgent care or the hospital. If you are bleeding while pregnant it could be anything

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Twiglet2 in reply to Kakedupped

Hi I’m not sure they will be able to help and would be a very long wait? The poster is only just due a period so would be too early for a scan even if they were pregnant, which they aren’t even sure if they are? And with bleeding this early they ask you to ‘wait and see’ anyway.

A&E waits are crazy and we’ve been asked to only go on emergencies. This defo isn’t one. Poster should wait to see if period comes or take a digital or first response test to actually establish that they are pregnant and of they are and still bleeding they can phone NHS 24 or their doctor for advice.

That type of test is notorious for giving faint lines but it does look like it may be positive. First Response Early is the best early test, or wait a few days and do a digital. The brown discharge could be implantation but the only way to know is to confirm with a better pregnancy test xx

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