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Pregnancy support belts or bands- how useful are they?

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Currently 26 weeks pregnant but with a huge bump which is beginning to give me back ache especially when I stand for too long or when I cook.I am being referred for growth scans.

I would love the experience of others that may have used either a support band or belt during pregnancy. How did you find it? Was it useful? If it was, when did you use it, for how long etc?

Thanks in advance!

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I had a big bump and bought one. Didn't like it though it felt tight and restrictive even on loose. It was really uncomfortable when moving round and I found I couldn't wear it longer than 20 mins so it didn't really help me. I just bought some good quality maternity leggings which helped and then if i was stood somewhere I couldntbsit down I would hold my bump up with my hands 🤣 xx

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I have not yet found a pair of maternity leggings that is supportive of my back.

I like your style with regards to holding your bump 😉

I am keen to find something that will support my back when making evening meals as I want to prep a few meals and freeze for when the baby arrives.

I've just bought one, arriving this week so I'll let you know if it helps! I'm only 23 weeks and bump isn't too big but I've always had a bad back & mild scoliosis & back starts to really hurt if I'm walking around for a while so hoping it does help but we'll see.

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Would love to hear your experience as well as the type of belt you bought 😀

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I'm quite liking it so far, it's definitely most useful when I'm stood up a lot or walking around a bit, I use it at home if I'm doing chores that don't require too much bending (it shifts up a bit if I bend over a lot) and if I'm out for a walk and I do think it's helping, it definitely makes my bump feel more supported and my back feels a bit better. It's definitely not a cure all kind of thing but it was recommended by my physio in conjunction with some exercises to stretch & strengthen my back. I got the babygo (?) one, it's got like 5k reviews on amazon, I just went with it because it seemed popular.

Helped me… I use it when I was walking, sometimes I forgot to and really felt the ache after, hope this helps

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Thank you for sharing. Really amazing how different people’s experiences have been. I think it is worth trying out but will speak to midwife first. Thanks again x

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