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I have just found out I’m pregnant, I rung the drs who said I didn’t need an appt but just to call the midwifery department.Is this normal?

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I wonder if it depends where you're based?

I made a telephone appointment to talk to my Doctor when I was about 6 weeks pregnant. He sent me a link to an online form to fill out, which a midwife then called me and booked me in at the hospital for when I was 10 weeks.

Seems unhelpful that yours have almost dismissed you.

Hope you get to book in with a midwife soon x

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Thank you 😊 I have been told that someone from the midwifery team will call me in the next 10 days and then sounds like my first appointment will be at around 8-10 weeks so very similar to you x

Congratulations, this sounds fairly standard, I think it does depend where you are based, mine you just tell the GP surgery by email with your last missed period date and they refer you to the midwife who contacts you by about week 8 to do your booking in appointment and give your your notes. I didn't see my GP at all my entire pregnancy, and I think I might only see them for my 8 week check up with my new baby.

The nhs have a good pregnancy section on thier website with when to expect all your appointments.

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Thank you 😊 I feel a lot more reassured now x

Congratulations. My gp surgery told me to ring back at 10 weeks and book and appointment with the community midwife. So sounds about right

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Thank you 😊 glad I’m not the only one x

Congratulations! I was told to ring the midwife department, as the doc doesn't see pregnant women! At the time I was freaking out, but it's all worked out fine. I'm 24 weeks now, after registering you'll get a call from a midwife who will take all your details, so be ready with any medical, family history etc. Then you'll be booked in for your bloods appointment around week 8. They'll send you letters for your appointments too.

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That’s great thank you 😊 x

Hi. Congrats! I’m 31 weeks with first baby. I called my GP at 8 weeks and the receptionist told me the GP doesn’t need to see me and to Google an ‘Early Bird Referral’ which was basically an online form that went to the hospital midwife department and they booked me a first appointment where they gave me my notes and did some blood/urine tests. Then after that it was midwife appointments at my GP surgery. As everyone has said I guess it depends on your area so it’s all pretty standard and nothing to worry about!

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Thank you & congratulations to you too x

Congratulations! I’m in Lincolnshire, UK. I rang my GP and was asked if I was going to continue the pregnancy, when I said yes, I was also given the number to the midwifery department at my local hospital. I was very confused and concerned about this too but all has been fine. I’m now 16 weeks and been seen by them and helped multiple times.

Good luck xx

Thank you 😊 xx


Yep I'm 16 weeks pregnant with my first and when I rung the GP to let them know I was pregnant their reaction was why are you ringing us? So yeah I think it's pretty normal. I just rang the community midwife centre and they sent me out a letter with an appointment at 8 weeks 😊 xx

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Thank you 😊 xx

I'm in Essex and we self refer to the midwifery department. They are your first call throughout your pregnancy.

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Thank you 😊 x

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Good luck x

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Ahh thank you 😊 x

Congratulations,I’m 9 weeks pregnant .

It is very different in the UK compare to France where as soon as you have positive test the GP ask you to do a blood test to confirm the pregnancy.

When I called the GP they told me that I can do a second pregnancy test to confirm my result but they don’t do blood test in the UK. Then the GP said I need to look for where I want to give birth and fill up the self refer form.

I called the hospital to know if it was better to send them the form or do it on the phone but they said it is better to send the form by email. They gave me an appointment for the datation scan on my week 12 and told me that I cannot have my appointment earlier.

I decided to pay for an early scan in a private company just to be reassure that I was pregnant and make sure that the pregnancy was going well.

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Thank you @ congratulations to you too! I’ve gone 4 tests and they’re all positive! 😊 x

It definitely seems to differ slightly in different areas but generally it seems to be that the GP has very little involvement with pregnancy. I had a phone call with my GP who basically just said take some folic acid & contact the midwives via this form to get your appointments set up.

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Thank you xx

Pretty standard. GPs don't deal with most pregnancies unless there is a reason to (eg some complications/ looking for medication advise). midwives do all the antenatal care. GPs used to do prenatal care in the past but this was removed from their contract and all handed over to midwives/ obstetrics. Most places you refer yourself directly to midwives.

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Thank you xx

Hello. I'm 13 weeks now. This is how it is, it feels like the GP should want to know but it's the Midwifery team that need to know. The GP receptionist said the doctor would only tell me to go online and fill out forms. I phoned the Midwifery team and was put through to an IT bloke who set up an online account for my data. Then you're sent a link to fill it all in. It takes than 5 minutes to do that. Then I did not hear anything until I rang my local area Midwifery unit to tell them I would be going away during my week 8- 10. Then they said I could come straight in for an initial chat and blood and urine test. Then i got an appointment letter in the post for the 12 week scan. After that you will also get additional consultants appointments come through if you're 40 like me :)

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