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Fertility effected by COVID-19 vaccine

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Hi everybody. I had a missed miscarriage last year December 2020.

I have heard a lot of scares about ladies periods being messed up and fertility getting effected with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Can anyone tell me they have been okay and been successful getting pregnant and having normal periods as this really worries me for the future 😫 My dream is to be a mummy one day and after the devastating news last year i would just like some closure

Thank you 🙏🏻

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Hi there, there’s so much speculation and uncertainty out there but equally nothing to verify that the vaccine affects fertility.Whilst I’m not TTC right now I can confirm that my periods have been unaffected with no change. I’m double jabbed. Hope that helps a little.

I can also add that I experienced a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks and went on to have 2 successful pregnancies.

Good luck x

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Pink-rain in reply to Pasaeoco01

Thank you so much for getting back to me. Every little helps and all these scares you hear make me so nervous on what to do.

Congratulations on having two healthy babies now that’s amazing 👏🏻🥰

I had my first vaccine while starting my first IVF cycle. My second at 10.5 weeks pregnant as it worked. I’m now 21 weeks. There is a lot of rumour but I’ve found reliable sources via RCOG, Maternity Action and Pregnant Then Screwed. Covid (the virus not the vaccine) can affect male fertility and I am incredibly grateful I was protected as now my baby is too. x

I'm sorry about your loss. I can imagine everything is a worry right now.First of all the vaccine can delay period, just like a common cold can or many other factors. That doesn't mean it affects fertility and evidence show that's not the case.

Covid on the other hand can affect a pregnancy. So for me it was an easy decision to get vaccinated while I was pregnant. If I was TTC I'd also get the jabs. Now I have a happy and healthy baby in my arms and I wish you the same. ❤️

Hi Pink- rain, like I told someone else please do your own research on the vaccine. Look for studies as you will see stats and outcomes from the clinical trials on women as they will not be based on myths or misinformation. They will contain facts.

On a personal note, I had the vaccine whilst doing a 3 cycle package of embryo banking with a transfer at the end. I had The first dose right after my first cycle and second dose about a week before my 3rd and final cycle. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant.

I did experience delayed periods but never put it down to the vaccine because IVF can also cause your periods to be delayed. It always came though so was able to finish my treatment.

Good luck with your decision 🌹

Thank you to everyone that has commented. This has helped me a lot 🙌🏻🙏🏻❤️


Please listen to the first podcast by this fertility expert regarding COVID, vaccines, sex and fertility.


I’m sorry for your loss.

Can’t comment on periods but I got pregnant during the time when received my first dose. Second dose was given when I was around 13 weeks pregnant. Now 23 weeks and no issues.

Hi, I got covid last October and I actually lost my periods after contracting it, this wasn't great especially while TTC. However since I recieved my vaccine jabs my periods actually became more regular again and I'm now 4 months pregnant. Try not to worry 😊

Another anecdotal comment here… I was experiencing secondary infertility (I have a four year old) for two years but I’ve managed to get pregnant twice since/during the jabs. Both miscarriages but I have underlying health issues so I’m high risk. So I guess, if anything, the jabs made me more fertile 🤷‍♀️I’ve had three missed miscarriages, they’re so rubbish, hope you get your baby soon xxx

I had my first child after TTC for almost three years and undergoing 2 rounds of IVF. I had my second covid vaccine in August and had a chemical pregnancy around time I had the vaccine (didn’t think to test before hand but probably not linked to the vaccine - tends to be the result of chromosomal abnormalities). The following month, I fell pregnant again and now I am 9 weeks pregnant.

There are so many scare stories out there, however most are not based on evidence/facts. I think the risk of not having a vaccine is higher than risk of getting it. My understanding is that most vaccines can cause a short term delay to your periods but there is no evidence that it can impact your fertility. Certainly for me, it hasn’t had any negative impact xxx

I also had a miscarriage in December 2020. I had my first jab in May and my second in July and am now pregnant again so no changes for me.

Hi, i got 1st done and then got married then decided to TTC, then had my 2nd jab - it would of probably been a couple days after after i conceived i had the 2nd jab, as i didn’t know i was pregnant at the time as it was too early on. So when my period came late that month i knew either i was pregnant or that it was delayed. I was pregnant 😊

I feel for you, lots of BS out there.. I had my second jab in April and got pregnant (IVF with my eggs) in June. Now 20 weeks. So far so good..

So sorry for your loss ❤️There have been over 30k reports to the yellow card system of period disruption and changes following vaccination so it’s not an unsubstantiated claim that it can be a side effect. I don’t believe there is any evidence of long term fertility being effected (but you could argue if there is long term period disruption then that would affect fertility). At the end of the day the vaccine is still so new that they don’t know and haven’t looked into all the reported side effects as yet. You could probably get an equal number of anecdotal reports from people that had side effects and those that didn’t, ultimately you won’t know what impact it will have for you until you had it so I think you just have to make the decision that you’re most comfortable with x

Thank you so much for everyone’s wonderful stories. It’s lovely to hear great news after all this madness going on. Let’s prey and hope 🙏🏻🙌🏻 and I wish everyone the best in the near future 😊

Hi, I had both my covid vaccines this year (and so did my husband) and I got pregnant as soon as I came off the pill. Absolutely no problem with the covid vaccine.

Hi. I was still breastfeeding my second baby when I had my two jabs earlier this year so didn’t start my periods back until after I’d had them. They were irregular but I expected that anyway. I got pregnant last month on our second attempt so the vaccine definitely hasn’t affected my fertility! Good luck on getting your baby soon xx

We'd been ttc for 6 months and I got pregnant first cycle after having my covid vaccine. Had second at 9 weeks pregnant and now 22 weeks and everything looking healthy.

I was terrified to get to vaccine for this reason. But eventually I had to have it. I had my first dose Jan 21, second dose April 21. Then we decided to start trying for a baby in June, fell in July… currently 16 weeks and had my booster 2 weeks ago.

Don’t read Facebook posts or unverified articles.

Truth is the vaccine hasn’t been around long enough to know the true affects of fertility/safety in pregnancy, plus some studies would be unethical. So unfortunately we have to take the risk and they will do studies after people have made their own choices and they have enough data.

However certain vaccines are made in certain ways and the corona vaccine is made the same as hundreds of other vaccines which do not affect fertility so the chances of it affecting it are low.

Use proper factual websites though. Like WHOO, mama academy is a good place to look also. Or go to your local vaccine centre and talk to someone about it.


I'm so sorry, both for your loss and the anxiety you must be feeling.

It's just one person's experience, but I had my first jab in March, second in May, went off birth control in June, and I'm 11 wks with my first now. Between the jab and conception my periods were textbook normal.


Sorry to hear of your loss

I had both vaccines, 1st dose moved my period by a few days. I then got pregnant 2 months after my 2nd dose. So while it slightly affected my period it did not seem to affect my ability to get pregnant.

Hope that helps. X

Yes, I had been trying to get pregnant for a while then got pregnant straight away after having the Pfizer vaccine! I often wonder if it boosted my fertility, ha! Wishing you all the best xx

Hi Pink Rain, my apologies for the delay in replying to you. I am certain that you will get pregnant again, and I an writing to reassure you by saying that I became pregnant through IVF after my husband had both his vaccines, and had my first vaccine at 20 weeks of pregnancy. I' m 23 weeks pregnant, my baby is fine ( the scans were good) and healthy. I can understand your fear especially with what people say in the media, but I find these discourse of the vaccine affecting fertility completely nonsensical as my husband and I did not have any problems in conceiving after taking the vaccine. We tried to have a baby for more than 5 years. My clinic strongly encouraged me to take the vaccine before or during treatment. After taking the first vaccine, I felt very tired but regained my energy straight away. Hope this helps.

Thank you all for you’re beautiful stories they have really helped me and made me feel more positive about the vaccine and protection. I had my 1st vaccine and flu jab done Wednesday so fingers crossed for the long run 🙏🏻🙌🏻❤️

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Artmum22 in reply to Pink-rain

Well-done you:)

Totally false but I’m sorry for your loss.

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