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Did a clear blue rapid test

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Hi all

I've done a clearblue rapid detection test on 9th October but got this strong dark thin blue line slowly merging to a thicker one. Can anyone help if this is a true positive or an evap line.

I lost my last one due to a chemical pregnancy in August.

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Better lighting, same test

Another pic of the same test in better lighting
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Joxxjo in reply to Mummy2six90

I'd say that was positive. My first one looked like that. You could try again tomorrow with a digital or pink dye one if you want to xx

Looks positive to me.

That looks positive. If you are unsure maybe take a digital so you can see it in words x

Good morning, so long as the cross came up within the specified time frame I would say its a certain positive. Congratulations mama ❤ 🥳💐

It looks positive as long as the lines didn’t appear much later. It needs to be within the specified time - evap lines can develop over time making it appear positive.Maybe try a digital with FMU x

Congratulations. Looks like you're having a baby

Any update?

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