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Nearly 31 weeks, 97th percentile?? Worried

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Hi everyone. I will be 31 weeks this Thursday, first baby. Just had a midwife appointment and I asked for the third time why is my due date from the scan different to what’s on the growth chart. Finally this midwife (I’m supposed to have one but have seen 4 so far) said that’s not right I’m going to have to do a new one as your due date is what you were told at the scan not what’s on the chart. Turns out he is in the 97th percentile and maybe a little large. I was told not to panic (which I did) and that I might be referred for a growth scan. Im 5’6, weighed just under 10 stone before getting pregnant and so far have put on 17lbs. I thought you only have larger babies if the parents are large? I’m worried and would appreciate any thoughts. Could he have something wrong with him? And what happens if he stays big, early induction and c-section?! I know my mind is running ahead. Bursting into tears after getting that text from the midwife has also actually shown me how much I love and care for him already as up to now I haven’t felt a huge connection. Thank you

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Hi i was in the same situation as you they said i was having a big baby sent me for growth scans and to see a consulatant who said i had to be set off on my due date as my little girl was measuring big but i got induced 3days after my due date and my little girl was only 7lb 10oz i wouldnt read to much into what they are saying they told me she was going to be a 9lb to 10lb baby. So as hard as it is try not to worrie. I hope this helps a little. X

Thank you so much, I’ve calmed down a little now too! I think it was the shock text of ‘don’t panic but I’m sending you for a scan’. Genuinely appreciate the reply 😊 Glad everything worked out well for you x

Try to look at it from a different point of view. You get an extra scan to see the little bubba. Any woman regardless of their size can have a big baby. My mum was a slim size 10 before she was pregnant with me, I was almost 10lb. I have gestational diabetes so I have regular growth scans. Everytime I go to a scan the midwives tell me something different. One week they told me I had Polyhydramnios the next week at my scan they said it was gone but that the baby's abdomen was large, another week they told me I was at risk of premature labour then I got told that was wrong. My belief is that every person interpret scans differently. I have found its never the same.

I'm on baby number 5, every single pregnancy has been different, my first 2 pregnancy was relatively easy, my 3rd a bit difficult, pregnancy 4 was horrendous I ended up on crutches and then a wheelchair the last couple of weeks of the pregnancy, I was predicted to have a big baby but he was only 8lb 2ounce, this pregnancy so far hasn't been to bad apart from the diabetes which I have to take tablets and 2 different types of Insulin to keep it controlled.

It's easy for people to tell you not to panic but to panic is human nature, just take each day as it comes, don't rush things, try some relaxation techniques to help with any nerves. And never use Google. It will absolutely terrify you.

Thank you. And how right are you about Google, it can be amazing but also the devil! I feel much better today as there are so many lovely people like yourselves out there. And as long as he’s healthy and happy that’s the main thing. 5 babies, how wonderful! :-) I think because, touch wood, this pregnancy (first) has been an absolute breeze, as without the belly I wouldn’t even realise I was pregnant, this has taken me aback a bit

I'm 5'7" and a similar weight to you and both my babies have been born on the 97th or 98th percentile. Their father is 6'2", so tall, but not abnormally so. They are now 3 years and 2 months old respectively.

With the first I had an induction at 11 days overdue that ended in an unplanned C-section. With the second we scheduled a C-section 1 day after her due date. While that may not sound like the greatest of birth outcomes, I was well cared for at all times and both of them are happy and healthy.

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And that’s all that matters isn’t it, thank you so much! I definitely feel much better now and more rational 😊

Thank you, I have calmed down a bit now. You just want everything to be ok don’t you. My partner is 6’3 and he has children from another relationship who were all under 8lb as was he. And you think that because you’re not big there’s not a chance your baby will be overly big but that’s not how it works I’ve learnt. As long as he’s healthy anyway. Thank you for replying :-)

Hi lovely, I have just had my first baby. At the start bubs was tracking nicely on the line then seemed to have this jump in size. I am 5ft 5 and before being pregnant I was around 10st. I too was sent for growth scans and based in those I was given 3 options, induction, csection or let nature take its course. In this instance I went for the c section and the consultant agreed as baby’s head and tummy were measuring big too. Bubs ended up being 9lb 7 but I know a few people who have had babies recently ipand the growth scan has show them to be bigger but actually they were smaller. All the best xxx

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Thank you for replying ☺️ It really does help to hear other people’s experiences. And huge congratulations to you!! If you don’t mind me asking how was it having a c-section? ❤️

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Well firstly I didn’t have much time to worry about it as we have the growth scan last Thursday and then booked me in for the c section the next day!Honestly for me the actual section was fine.

I am not a huge fan of needles so was a bit worried about the spinal but honestly i didn’t feel it apart from a bit of pressure The feeling once that gets going is strange but again I found it fine.

During the actual section I was too busy thinking about how close we were to seeing our baby boy that what was going on around me I zoned out.

When you get to the point of having the baby nothing else matters and your body is running on Adrenaline and you just focus on that. If you have any more questions feel free to message me xx

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Sorry to jump in here but would you mind please telling me a bit about the recovery? Some say you can't even get up to pee.. others that you can't hold or breastfeed the baby.. everyone complains about the first post c section poop being horrific. I guess it's different for everyone but I'm too anxious about normal birth complications and the baby getting stuck or going without oxygen .. so frankly I'd rather take the hit of surgery complications...

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Hi lovely, congrats on your pregnancy! You are right everyone is different in their recovery. I know friends who were in a lot of pain after having the baby and couldn’t lift the baby up.

In the ward there were a couple of ladies who did find it hard to walk as their tummy was really sore and they had a sore shoulder which is the gas travelling there.

I do feel I got off lightly…don’t get me wrong I was tender but the staff will get you up and walking around 6-8 hours after the op as I had a catheter in.

I was able to have a shower the same day and move around enough to look after baby.

I have struggled more a few days after as the trapped wind is unreal!! Get some peppermint tea in just in case. They did give us that on the ward too. We were also given lactolose to help with going to the toilet and Also was given it as part of our meds going home so I feel because of that going to the toilet was not a problem.

I also had to inject for 9 days to make sure no blood clots.

Day 12 now and I just feel my stomach is still adjusting but the healing of the scar is going well xx

I had big baby detected on scan at 31weeks and panicked, it’s just the natural thing to do. I’m 5’4 and 65kg pre pregnancy, my hubby 5’10 so neither of us are big. My bump measurements were normal all the way through and only had an extra scan owing to moving NHS Trusts as we moved house. They predicted baby was 7lb 2oz at 31 weeks.

Consultant told me not to worry, most babies predicted big were actually not.

Well, I ended up being induced at 40+6 and at 41+1 had 9lb 3oz boy by unplanned section. He’s 13 months old now and has always been around 91st centile for height and weight… no idea where he gets it from, but he’s happy, healthy and I recovered fine from the section (although if you go that route, don’t have a bath until after your 6week check) seems common sense when I say it back but nobody told me and I did - resulting in a nasty infection.

Good luck! It’s natural to panic but only demonstrates your love already x

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Thank for this, and the tip! Hearing others experiences as I said really has helped 😊 I’m so glad everything worked out for you x

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Hiya.. Sorry to jump in and congratulations! Can I ask about the point you made about the bath? Do you mean an actual bath or are showers off limits too? Don't reckon I could survive on wet wipes for that long 😆😆

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Hey.An actual bath. Showers are fine! X

At my 30 week scan I was told baby will be big weighing at nearly 4.2 pounds then. I had a csection at 36 weeks and 4 days, he was a healthy 7 pound 3 oz baby. If I had gone to full term he would have been bigger but not by much.

My husband is tall at 6'2 but neither of us are big. I think it really varies and having a big baby isn't an issue, it's just for the hospitals to plan in the case you may need a csection and to rule out any growth concerns. I had my final growth scan at 34 weeks and he was 5.5 pounds at that stage.

I had a planned csection for 37 weeks due to previous myomectomy so couldn't have a natural birth anyway. My water broke at 36 weeks and 4 days so they did the emergency csection.

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Thank you for sharing, I really appreciate it. Will see what the tape measure says at my 34 week appointment 😊


They’re not always right. I was told my baby was too small (estimated 4lbs), and I had an emergency scan at 38w which showed she was average weight but with super long legs. It turns out she was 99th percentile for height when she was born and a healthy 7lb 4oz.

Try not to worry. Sometimes babies are bigger, sometimes they’re smaller. Have a scan if you’re offered it, and go from there :)

Edited to say - I’m 5ft 2 and 110lbs so no wonder why I couldn’t breathe in the end because her feet were always in my chest. I blame my hubby and his height for why she’s so long.

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Ha! My partner has very long legs too! I can imagine the pressure on your chest. Glad little lady is all ok 😊

I was induced at 37 weeks as they thought I was having a 10lb baby, to find out when he was born he was only 8lb 3 & perfect, don’t panic.. as they was way off with me!

I’m only 5ft 3, and my partner is 5ft 5 xx

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