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13 months old fever for over 8 days

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My 13 months old baby girl having fever from last Thursday(38c & above). (She had fever, vomitting, diarrhoea, runny nose before this for a week, everything else except runny nose). I give her calpol and it comes down, then she gets back fever after 8-9 hrs. She s having atleast 3 episodes of high fever and coming down after calpol and nirofen. I took her to a&e & they did urine culture report and results came as heavy mixed growth. Our gp checked her & said he ll rule out urine infection and she looks normal and fever should stop by end of this week. But I feel stressed to see my baby not eating well and gets dull when she gets high temp. Has anyone gone through the same ?is it normal to have viral fever with 38 - 40c temperature? Or should I be concerned which I am anyway

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I’m confused if she has a uti she should be on antibiotics? Did the hospital not give her any?

Depends on the results, a heavy mixed growth might just be a non clean catch sample. With a UTI you'd expect one main bug rather than mixed growth. So you'd normally repeat it.

If she’s still the same I would call 111 and see what they say. You might be able to get a second opinion from an urgent treatment centre. Hope she’s feeling loads better soon xxx

I’m surprised they’ve let it go on so long. I always thought if they have a fever for 3/4 days or more then it’s a sign something is wrong. She’s obviously struggling to fight something. Can they not give her some anti biotics?My little girl went through a similar thing at that age. She had a fever, gave her calpol it would go down for a few hours and then shoot straight back up. After a few days of this we took her to A&E as she went all floppy, turned out she had a nasty ear infection. Few days of antibiotics and she was back to herself.

I would keep going to the gp or call 111, Keep an eye on her temp, I think when it’s above 40 that’s a worrying temp, I could be wrong, definitely call 111 for some advice. Poor little thing I hope she gets better soon. X

She is not gone above 40. But now I am checking her temp every hour and as soon as I gets 37.5 I give her calpol or nurofen.

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I really wouldn't give her calpol or nurofen every time her temp goes over 37.5. That isn't a particularly high temperature. The NHS states a high temp is 38 and over and even then only recommend paracetamol if child is distressed by the temperature. Keep an eye in her temp but you dont need to check every hour unless her temperature is very high. Maybe try and get a second opinion with your gp in a day or two. She should be over the worst of it now and fingers crossed her temperature starts coming down and she's back to being her normal self. Hugs to you x

The a&e (on sat) and gp (on Tuesday) checked her ears, mouth, heart beat, lungs , glucose test. All looks normal. Gp was sure that she has no bacterial infection and she should be fine by end of this week

If you're still not happy with how she is I would go back to your doctor and ask him to check her again. If she's got a virus, not an infection it's probably just a case of riding it out, lots of cuddles and snuggles.

She is normal, she is playing , active when she does not have fever.. fever is coming down in 30 mins to an 1 hour and after that she is again playful.

I am asking gp to do a blood report and they think it’s not necessary as if it’s bacterial infection the fever does not come down. It’s normal for them but it’s so stressful as a mum. I can’t think or do anything apart from thinking why is she getting fever everyday

Silly question but she has been tested for COVID hasn’t she? As COVID presents with GI signs in children. Xx

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Sqaqua in reply to Purpledoggy

Sorry for late reply. She got her pcr test along with my husband. It was negative ., she is okay with no fever from last 7 days.

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Purpledoggy in reply to Sqaqua

Thats good, glad shes feeling better xx

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