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Is this positive or negative

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Did anybody see faint line please

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Sorry not seeing a faint line

I don't think this picture is very clear, can you upload a better photo in better lighting?

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Thanks for checking

I can see something which I think is a line, but just trying to work out if its a ledge or not on the test....assuming it's not a ledge and it's a line though as not sure why there would a ledge. So yes I can definitely see something about 1cm to the left of the test line. Hoping it's a positive for you x

Thanks 😘, I will try the test again tomorrow.

But did u think positive test can be that far from the control line?

I don't know as I have never used one of those tests so I don't know what they are supposed to look like. However, I would say that it looks about the right place from what I can see. I would suggest getting an early response pink test, the one that works 5 days before your due period as they will be clearer. Let us know how you get on. How many days past a transfer are you?

Okay thanks, how much can I get clearblue

It's up to you but the pink shows 6hcg minimum whereas the blue shows 25hcg minimum. But the pink must say the early response one, with 5 days before period for the 6hcg.


Sorry I don't see a line. How many days past transfer are you? Perhaps get a different test good luck.

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