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Lines eye please!

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Hi ladies, we’ve been trying to conceive baby number 2. I’m on CD30 and period due in 3 days. I decided to take a test this morning. Does anyone see a faint second line or is that just an evaporation line? Thank you!

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I cant see any line sorry, fingers crossed for you though x

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Babybliss19 in reply to Seb9

Thanks for looking!

This is negative result I think

Thanks for looking!

I can see the faint second line! Fingers crossed it progress, test again.. good luck ❤️

Thank you so much! The line is darker today when I tested this morning but holding out till Friday to test properly 🤞🏻

Aw amazing, myn looked exactly same as yours now I have a beautiful 6 week old baby girl❤️


I cant see anything sorry. I would say test again in few days x


you could use a first response rapid response or a digital test with words, both are quite sensitive and don’t have evaporation lines so saves you squinting ☺️ Those ones I always find hard to tell with, especially in a photo, so I can’t see anything sorry but doesn’t mean you’re out xx

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Babybliss19 in reply to Twiglet2

Thanks! I am planning to do that on Friday when AF is due 😁

I can see something. I used these tests and I never had an evap line with them. Fingers crossed!

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Babybliss19 in reply to PoppyC38

Thank you so much! I was wondering if these tests are notorious for evaporation line so didn’t want to have my hopes up too much. It’s a darker line this morning but that was after 5min though...

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PoppyC38 in reply to Babybliss19

Hopefully it’ll be nice and strong tomorrow!

I see something hopefully it's the start of a nice pink line x

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Babybliss19 in reply to Louby06

Thank you so much! Fingers crossed it is!

I see a line! This is how my test looked and I'm currently feeding my 16 day old 🥰 Please come back and update us tomorrow!!

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Babybliss19 in reply to Jamm1

Many thanks and congratulations on your little one!! I found a couple of expired Clearblue tests and they look positive (have ordered another batch to double check!).

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Jamm1 in reply to Babybliss19

Thank you! That's brilliant, hopefully the new ones have the same result! Congratulations and very best wishes!

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