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7 weeks pregnant - no symptoms

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Hello everyone.

I am 7 weeks pregnant after IVF frozen transfer and had a viability scan three days ago. The scan showed a heartbeat, was measuing a few days behind but the sonographer was not concerned about this at all and said everything looked good.

My concern is the lack of symptoms I have had. The day I took my home pregnancy test I got sore boobs which got really swollen and tender but three days after they were back to normal. Other than this I've had literally nothing - no sickness, no headache, no cravings. I've frightened myself by reading about lack of symptoms being unusual and am worried it's a bad sign. The fact I had a symptom which abruptly disappeared also concerns me. I had an early miscarriage a year ago and after this plus multiple failed IVF cycles I think my mind sadly often goes to a negative place.

Can anyone share their experiences and pass on any hope? I'm struggling day to day with worry. Thank you xx

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I had no symptoms in either of my pregnancies, no morning sickness, never had sore boobs, might have gone off a couple of foods, never had cravings but that was about it. Now have two children.

Things can change and you can feel different one day to the next, but I'd enjoy feeling well if you can, friends of mine have felt like death through their pregnancies and were always jealous that I just sailed through mine. I did have gestational diabetes though, so I wasn't allowed cake, so that was a bit like my punishment for feeling well I guess 😁

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Thank you for replying. I really want to enjoy it, think I'm just worrying about lots of different things because of our history. It's really useful to hear from others who experienced similar things though xx

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I almost felt I missed out on parts of pregnancy, not having the sickness, sore boobs etc. I definitely do think you worry more when you aren't experiencing what you expect or read about, fingers crossed for you for a happy healthy pregnancy xx

I’ve had no symptoms and I’m 12 weeks on Tuesday. I was measuring a couple of days behind at viability scan too. And had a private scan at 9 + 6 and everything was still ok. I’ve got my next scan next week. I’d say up to 9 weeks I literally had no symptoms at all. In the last 3 weeks I’ve had slight food aversions, but nothing major. Maybe book yourself in for a private scan to reassure you. But from looking into myself, I think no symptoms is more common than you might think xxx

I had no symptoms at all with my little girl. I had a great pregnancy with her, it’s not always a bad sign. If you’ve had a scan too and it’s been confirmed then try to relax.I know the first 12 weeks are so tough especially when you’ve experienced a loss but try to think positive: xx

I've had no sptoms at all in either of my pregnancies. My two are now 8 and 4.

I completely understand why you must be feeling like that. I’m almost 19 weeks and had no symptoms at all. At the very beginning I had sore boobs and some lower back ache but had nothing since then. No nausea, no sickness, no cravings, no tiredness. My friends who have had morning sickness are all very jealous. I’ve had two scans so far, both of which have been fine - just waiting for my 20 week scan in. If I were you, I would book another private scan just for peace of mind!

My midwife says it’s a good thing that I’ve sailed through so far but I’ve barely started to even show or feel any movement yet. I have heard of more pregnancies where women generally feel fine throughout. It’s easier said than done to say stop worrying - especially if you’ve been through IVF. I bet everything is absolutely fine though, good luck with it all!

Thank you everyone for your reassuring replies. It's honestly great to hear from people who have also had no / limited symptoms where things progressed or are progressing well. The lack of symptoms I'm sure will continue to worry me but now I can look back at this forum when I am having those worries and remind myself that it's not uncommon and does not mean something is wrong. Thank you xx

I also didn’t have symptoms . Don’t panic

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Thank you

The only thing that really matters are your HCG levels. Did they tell you what those are? Some women don't have symptoms and that's fine as long as the numbers look good.

I didn’t have any symptoms until 8-9 weeks into the pregnancy which then took a very nasty turn with HG. As long as your HcG levels are rising normally then you’re fine!

If you've had a viability scan which showed a heartbeat then everything is looking really positive for you! The chances of miscarriage is massively reduced after seeing a heartbeat. At my viability scan I was 6+6 but measuring 6+2, I think because they are so tiny at that stage it's hard to be exact. I'm now 33+1 and I totally understand your anxiety, I had failed ivf and miscarriage too prior to this pregnancy and symptoms didn't kick in til around 8 weeks. X

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Thank you Liberty, that was exactly what I needed to hear! All the best with the rest of your pregnancy x

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