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Aspirin during pregnancy for pre-eclampsia risk

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Hello, I’ve been finding this forum useful during pregnancy so thank you all! I’m 36 years old and 34 weeks pregnant, and was prescribed 150mg aspirin from around week 13 for pre-eclampsia risk after screening (the risk increases after 34 weeks). I’ve since come across information that suggests there could be problems for the baby with aspirin use in pregnancy, but I can’t imagine they would have prescribed this if the risk for the baby was really high. At the time of prescription I was feeling so sick and out of it I just accepted it. As like many others here, I suppose I’m seeking reassurance! Has anyone else been prescribed aspirin and has the baby been ok? There’s so much to consider and balance in pregnancy and just hoping I’ve done the right thing by taking it. Trying not to worry too much.

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Aspirin is super common in pregnancy and at the low doses prescribed it is fine. What is not OK is taking 'normal' pain-reliever doses in late pregnancy (300-600mg), as aspirin can be harmful to developed babies at the higher doses. I'm taking it, albeit at a slightly lower dose (75mg) due to previous stomach ulcers and chronic dyspepsia. It feels like a worry taking any medication in pregnancy but no one is going to let you take anything that might be harmful - if they won't let you eat salami, they aren't going to give you harmful medication! xx

Thank you! This does indeed help. Especially the salami bit which made me smile :) thanks for the reassuring words and I hope you’re doing well x

Hi Learning123,I have been prescribed 150mg of aspirin due to my age, IVF and twin pregnancy. In my case my obstetrician was concerned about blood clots.

I am currently 24 weeks and 2 days pregnant with twins and babies are doing well.

Before I was prescribed the aspirin at 12 weeks I was suffering with terrible migraines during my first trimester. But since taking the aspirin my migraines have disappeared, so I am really happy with the recommendation given by my obstetrician.

I hope that this helps. Xx

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It does help, a lot! And I’m glad to hear taking aspirin helped your migraines. Thanks for taking time to share and I hope the pregnancy is going well! Xx

Good morning, I've been taking 150mg of Asprin since week 12 as well as various other medicines prescribed by my consultant. I'm high risk. I'm not worried about taking it as in my previous pregnancy I was prescribed it also and baby was and is completely okay. He is a very cheeky 19 month old running round getting up to all sorts of mischief 😂. Please try not to worry they wouldn't prescribe us meds that can cause harm.

Aspirin is one of the most harmless medicine if taken at low dose. Ibuprofen is the harmful one! I was given aspirin since week 6 of pregnancy (75 mg), and my OB increased the dose to 150 mg after 13 weeks. It is very common that a woman over 35 would take low dose aspirin to prevent pre-eclampsia, which can be quite dangerous for the mother and baby if it is untreated. I think you will be fine and your baby will be fine too! If you are still not reassured, there is an official document by the NHS explaining why you were prescribed low dose aspirin after 13 weeks of pregnancy. Good luck with your pregnancy!

Hiya, I suffer from fibroids I have 13 of them the biggest being 10cm and I was prescribed aspirin from week 12 to week 36 my daughter arrived 5 weeks early in the end but as far as I am aware has nothing to do with the aspirin. I too was nervous about taking them as it took me years to fall pregnant and she is my miracle baby but the risk of not taking them was far greater than not as I was at greater risk of blood clots. My daughter is healthy thank god. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

I've also been on 75mg aspirin through IVF and until now (17 weeks). If anything it's helping, not harming my pregnancy so rest assured.

Ps. We can't eat salami??? 🤨🤬😅

I took aspirin from 12 weeks until the day before I was induced. I’m 42 this was my first baby, he’s 20 weeks now and totally fine. I also took lots of anti sicknesses meds during my first and second trimesters, had a local anaesthetic for a tooth extraction (all things I worried about at the time) and non of these things have effected him, he is wonderful.

Good luck with your pregnancy try not to worry, big hugs x

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