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D & C booked for Monday

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Hi All,

Newbie here. D & C is booked for Monday. What preparations do I need to make? What happen after? Are you allowed to take it home? I am so emotional and in state of shock

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Sorry, what is a D & C?

it is a surgical management for miscarriage

Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry that you're having to go through something like that. It sounds awful. Very sorry for your loss. I hope you get enough rest and heal well

I'm an emotional wreck at the moment. I guess it is the waiting for Monday thing makes it so hard, knowing what is going to happen ❤️

I can’t advise but just wanted to say I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you make a swift recovery and make sure you take the time you need to heal xx

thanks lovely ❤️❤️

Hi there, I’m so sorry that you’re having this experience. I also had a D&C procedure although mine was over 5yrs ago.As I recall there were no preparations to consider. Although I think it was nil by mouth given the general anaesthetic.

I’m unsure what stage of your pregnancy you are but as far as I am aware there is nothing for you to bring home.

I would think the procedure will be explained to you in full when you arrive.

I was just a day case so I arrived at 7am and was out and at home by late afternoon.

For me I was glad to have the procedure as I felt it drew a line under it and helped me cope with the idea of moving on.

I hope you have family and friends who can support you at this time.

I hadn’t told anyone other than my husband about my pregnancy so we went through the whole thing along which in hindsight was really hard.

Make sure you take care and be kind to yourself xx

Thank you ❤️❤️ What did you bring with you in the hospital? Same with us, only me and my husband know about the pregnancy.

Hey, I don’t recall bringing anything other than a book and magazines as you don’t know how long you’ll be waiting for the procedure and it’s pretty boring waiting around.I would recommend wearing your comfy clothes and comfy underwear. I don’t recall being in any pain afterwards but I did feel very sorry for myself so lots of TLC and be kind to yourself.

In hindsight I wished we had shared with a family member but we didn’t want to upset anyone. Maybe consider talking with someone, it can feel quite lonely.

Hope all goes ok for you x

Hi there, so sorry for your loss. I didn’t make any preparations beforehand. Afterwards you will just be kept under obs for a bit whilst you come round from the general and then all being well, they will let you go same day. I, personally, wouldn’t go to work the next day as you may still feel a bit groggy from the anaesthetic. From an emotional point of view, perhaps just be prepared that this may be the start of the grieving process. I had to have time off work as it knocked me for six. Physically though, you should start to mend quite quickly. There may well be bleeding which is normal but the hospital will advise you about that.

Again, so sorry. Up to you who you tell what you’re going through. I needed a lot of support so was very grateful of friends knowing what we were going through.


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So sorry to hear what you've been through.. I have been emotional since wewere told that the baby don't have heartbeat. Hopefully the pain will ease once the procedure is over. Take care lovely xx

I’m so sorry to hear about your loss.I had a D&C a few years ago, I didn’t do any preparations beforehand, I went into hospital in the morning and I was out by lunchtime, I was put to sleep for the procedure, they observed me for a bit once I came round and discharged me once I ate something.

I don’t think you’ll need to take much in a bag, just maybe something to read.

You’ve just got to rest after and you may experience some bleeding for a few days after. I remember having a heavy day a few days after the procedure. You’ve just got to recover mentally as well. Buy your favourite food and find something you can binge watch and spend a few days in bed if you can. That’s what I did. Xx

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Amelia2022 in reply to Emdog87

I think you just let your emotions eat you for a while and move on.. But I understand it is process.. Take care lovely xx

Hi there, so sorry to hear about your loss! I can totally understand how emotional and painful this is mentally. I have gone through this one last year. I was 10 weeks and doctor will explain everything to you, you may need to request doctor to send the tissues for testing so that you can find out the reason why it happened ( even medical science doesn’t have answers sometimes). They suspect chromosomal abnormalities. This is such a natural thing and there is nothing to blame on. Right now best thing for you will be to accept this and move on. It will take some time to heal though. Take good care of you body afterwards by eating healthy and stay warm.

Be positive, just to boost you up i am now 8 months pregnant. D&C is a good option as it clears up your uterus by medical professionals and chances of healthy pregnancy increases. You will be blessed again in 2-3 months , just wait for couple of cycles and start taking prenatal vitamins a month before trying next time.

All the best dear, and wish you a quick recovery mentality and physically.

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Amelia2022 in reply to 0629

Thank you lovely. All the best for the future ❤️❤️❤️

HiSo sorry for your loss.

I had a D & C in August 2020. I was about 10weeks gone. I was given a choice of general anaesthetic or doing it while I was awake. The available dates for the general anaesthetic was far and I chose the other option as I wanted to get over it. My husband was not allowed in possibly due to Covid restrictions but am not sure. The whole process took about 30mins.

A student was present during the process and participated in the process. Its upto you if you want that.

I took my earphones and listen to relaxing songs and cried through it. I was not given the remains to take home but part of it was taken to the lab to determine the cause. Also, I was asked how I wanted it to be disposed of after lab testing. I chose to have a service done for it by the hospital chaplain - I chose not to be present during the service.

I needed some painkillers for somedays. The emotional pain of the loss was greater than any physical pain I felt.

I was given a "forget me not" seed to plant and an angel figurine and links to help available. I planted the seeds and kept the angel figure.

In November 2020, I found out I was pregnant and had my baby boy in July 2021.


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Amelia2022 in reply to Ozzzxxx

Congrats with your new baby. I think it is more of the emotional impact as you get and over done with the physical side of things. I hope my husband can stay with me even if just waiting for the procedure. Take care xx

Bless you! So sorry for your loss! I had a miscarriage at 8.5 weeks. How far along are you? If you want to keep the baby you should ask the medical professionals for that. I think it really depends how far along you are hon. Also, the miscarriage association were amazing for counselling following the miscarriage. I found it really important to speak to people who had been there and understood what I was going through! Take good care of you xXx

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Amelia2022 in reply to May2021

Thanks May. Supposed to be 10 weeks today. It is just cruel but I guess things happened for reason. I have been emotional since we found out knowing what is to come I think ❤️❤️❤️

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May2021 in reply to Amelia2022

Of course. Take good care of you and give yourself time to heal 🙏🏼💗🙏🏼

They said to me you could take it home or it would be buried in the hospital garden so we did that.Everyone knew as I’d been very sick so already been off work etc and family knew from 4 weeks and friends from about 6 due to this.

But they were a great support and I had al these people I didn’t know in my family before saying they had had a mc too.

You don’t really need to take much maybe a magazine and a dressing gown.

It’s very quick when you’ll be put to sleep but it takes ages hanging around on the ward first and then checking you’re ok to go home. I’m so sorry for your loss it’s absolutely awful when it happens. I do now have two children so keep the hope going x

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Amelia2022 in reply to claire16c

I already have two beautiful boys. The third pregnancy was an unexpected blessings.. I guess it is the waiting time for Monday that make it so awful and I'm unsure if my husband can wait with me whilst we wait for the procedure.Sending you love and hugs xx

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claire16c in reply to Amelia2022

Yes waiting for it is awful. And then needing to worry about if your husband can come in due to covid makes it worse :( I hope he can. Although mine had to leave after he had dropped me off anyway and then could only come back in visiting hours and to take me home.

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Amelia2022 in reply to claire16c

thanks Claire.. how long did you stay in the hospital? x

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claire16c in reply to Amelia2022

I thjnk I had to be there at maybe 9am and was home about 7pm.The operation isn’t long but there were 4 of us getting it done and I asked to go last so my husband would be there (visiting hours) . And then once you’re out of the recovery ward and taken back to the ward, you have to stay for a while to check you’re ok, and then a dr comes round to chat to everyone so it’s mainly waiting x

I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve had 2 x D&C’s. Wear comfy loose clothes, you’ll be put into a hospital gown for the procedure. You’ll bleed afterwards so have a supply of sanitary towels (no tampons). There may be a lot of waiting around so take something to read.

You may experience quite strong cramping afterwards so take painkillers for this. You’ll feel tired and drained after the general anaesthetic so rest as much as possible and be kind to yourself.

I’m not sure what stage of pregnancy you’re at so I can’t comment on if they’ll give you anything to take home but that was never mentioned to me. Mine was sent off for testing after the second one.

Like I said I’ve had 2 x D&Cs, but I’ve just had my 3rd baby a few days ago so keep positive xxx

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Amelia2022 in reply to Kotchika

Thank you for your kind words ❤️❤️❤️and congratulations on the new arrival..

Will it better to take pull up pants for ease of use or normal sanitary pada

are okay? x

I just used some Always Ultra style ones but the extra long type. When you come around after the general there’ll be a thick hospital pad between your legs x

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Amelia2022 in reply to Kotchika

thank you Kotchika.. I was thinking of bringing pull ups for ease of use.. but unsure if it is really needed or the pads are more than enough.. thank you xx

Hi Amelia,

I haven't had one as I miscarried spontaneously but I just wanted to send you a tight, virtual hug. ❤

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Amelia2022 in reply to Bella_Bee

thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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