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Pregnant and not had vaccine yet

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Hey guys,

I’m nearly 18 weeks pregnant and a little anxious of having it. Anyone who has had it through their pregnancy ?

Thanks you xx

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I had my covid vaccine as soon as the recommendation changed for pregnant woman to have it, so had my first at 20 weeks.I had zero side effects from either jab, my arm ached a bit but nothing major. I had a healthy baby girl 19 days ago and she's perfect 😊

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Hrutter93 in reply to Seb9

Thank you! I am thinking of booking it now just got it in my head like whats if 🙈 congrats to you xx

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Seb9 in reply to Hrutter93

You could switch that to what if your got Covid-19? There's thousands of pregnant woman now who have had the vaccine and there's not been any significant side effects or increase in miscarriage rates, whereas there's been cases of unvaccinated pregnant women who have died from Covid-19, who have ended up in hospital in their third trimester and needed ventilation and who have gone into early labour and who's babies have ended up in the Nicu. I definitely think the risks from taking the vaccine is way way less than the risk of the catching the virus.

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Hrutter93 in reply to Seb9

Yay that’s is very true! Thank you x

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Sparklylife in reply to Seb9

Congratulations Seb9 ! 💝 Hope you are both doing well!

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Seb9 in reply to Sparklylife

Thank you so much 😘

Ive not had mine either I’m 10 weeks and 39 years old xx

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Hrutter93 in reply to Kitkat82

Are you thinking about having it ? Xx

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Kitkat82 in reply to Hrutter93

If I’m honest….. no I’m not! I know what people will say but it really is down to me!! After everything I just can’t take the risk im happy to not socialise etc but if im forced to have the vaccine I will xxx

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Hrutter93 in reply to Kitkat82

Fair a play to you! I don’t know what to do. I’m torn really but I see from both points of view xx

Hi I had my first Covid vaccination about a week before we conceived and put my second dose to my second trimester just due to miscarriage rate being higher then ( I have had a late loss and 3 early miscarriages)second dose done at 14 weeks and I'm now also 18 weeks pregnant and baby is doing well. For me the risks of getting Covid in the last trimester outweighed the vaccination. It was not an easy decision but feel it was the right decision for me and our baby. I also have a 2 year old daughter to consider and really couldn't shield for the entire pregnancy. Xx

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Hrutter93 in reply to Jess1981

Thank you! I have an 8 years and a 4 years. And I work in care so really I am meant to have it but also feel like I’m forced to have it to keep my job. It’s really scary and so hard right now. Sorry to hearing you have had miscarriages 😘

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Jess1981 in reply to Hrutter93

Thank you, I miss the daughter we lost terribly it's a loss like no other. But if you have children at school and can't work from home (like many other people ) I'd definitely get vaccinated to keep both of you safer. I really was struggling to decide but my obstetrician recommended the vaccination as the better option - without having the vaccination I would have had to shield throughout the pregnancy which would have been difficult and not fair on our 2 year old daughter my husband also works full time and cannot work from home . There are no increased risk of miscarriage by having the vaccination whereas we know Covid in last trimester can cause pre term labour and still birth more likely and 1-10 unvaccinated pregnant women end up in intensive care unit some healthy no health issues but die after birth with Covid. It's terrifying. It's not a decision any pregnant women wants to make but I do believe the vaccination is safer than getting Covid in the last trimester of pregnancy. I wouldn't read anything online apart from the royal college of midwives and obstetricians- these experts would not risk unborn children and mothers. There is too much scaremongering online ( I know read lots and it scared me) reading pregnant women here have the vaccination and baby's being fine really reassured me it was the right decision. I think it's okay if it's your first baby and you can work from home & shield completely but even so you still have to attend antenatal appointments at hospital so still a little risky Xx

I had my vaccinations as soon as I could in second and third trimester and had no side effects. Now I'm breastfeeding my perfectly healthy week old baby. I felt we were both better protected at the end of pregnancy, so I'm very happy with my decision. :)Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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Sparklylife in reply to Mcra

Congratulations! Hope you are both doing ok! Xx

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Mcra in reply to Sparklylife

Thank you :)

I didn’t have the vaccine whilst pregnant still haven’t had it my baby is 4 mths old now. My kids won’t be having it they’re 15&13 they don’t want it either. My partner works in care he’s had both jabs before it was mandatory but hated getting told jab or job basically where’s your rights for choice! It’s up to you would you feel safer having it? I felt there’s no long term evidence it’s safe enough or what it could do in pregnancy I had losses before so wasn’t going to risk it. It’s probably fine tho.

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NewMom1982 in reply to gcw104

Well said, everyone is entitled to their own choice and be respected- vax or not. Me personally I don’t want to take it as I’m not convinced it is 💯 safe.

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Hrutter93 in reply to gcw104

I have been putting it off, i am in care and should have had it but haven’t and no at risk of losing my job! I agree where is the human rights in all of this and we shouldn’t feel forced to something xx


Yes had both doses. I’m 30 weeks pregnant now. Had the first dose at 14 weeks and the second one 8 weeks later. I had no side effects and baby is growing well, I have regular growth scans as standard so I know this for sure. I also had the whooping cough and flu jabs. I had more side-effects from those to be honest, more of a sore arm and feeling tired for 24h or so.

Like others, my biggest paranoia was losing a baby because I caught covid, rather than the vaccine. I had two miscarriages before so taking the vaccines was taking precautions to prevent further loss. It’s impossible to shield fully in pregnancy. I have a toddler and I have to go hospital appointments, there is no way I can keep myself completely safe.

I feel so much safer now in socialising and getting on with life before little one arrives. I couldn’t have coped with the anxiety without the vaccine.

I find it hard to understand the freedom of choice argument when vulnerable lives of others are at risk, but I can see that in pregnancy we are under so much more pressure to do or not do things. I hope you will have space to make this decision for you.

I’m glad you feel safe and had no side effects, that was my worry. I support everyone who has or who has chosen not to have it. I do think everyone should have a choice to have it and not to feel pressured but I also know it will protect you.

I’m more for it now than I was before. Xx

When these guidelines were advised I was in my second trimester so I didn’t bother as there’s not enough info around it and personally didn’t want to risk a pregnancy I’d tried so hard for. Had my first jab 4 weeks after I had my babies and had my second one this week. Totally your call don’t let anyone pressure you.

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Hrutter93 in reply to Savs

Aww congrats on the baby 🥰 it’s so hard and in my job role I feel like I am pressured 🙈

I am also 18 weeks and will be taking it at 21 weeks (I have just stopped some medications I have been taking). This pandemic has really taken a serious toll on my mental health. I have been shielding since the beginning of my pregnancy because of the medication I was taking (immuno- suppressants and steroids) and it is not easy. As a lot of moms-to-be said in that forum, the risk of catching the virus outweighs the vaccine. You will be protecting your child by being vaccinated and safeguarding him/her from being premature or having complications. I think you don't want to see your child suffer, nor do I! It very hard to shield completely when you are going to the hospital for your antenatal appointments, and when your partner is commuting and coming back from the office. And on the top of all of this, you need to balance your first covid vaccine with the flu and the whooping cough one (I was told by my nurse to leave two weeks gap between the first jab and the flu vaccine). I'm following the RCOG advice of getting the vaccine as soon as possible, and research has shown that this vaccine will not affect your baby. There is a lot of misinformation going on, and I have chosen not to listen to that scaremongering spread by anti-vaxxers or other ignorant people. Medical advice is what I prioritize and I really hope that everything goes right when you will take the two shots of the vaccine. Let us know how it goes:)

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Hrutter93 in reply to Artmum22

Thank you! My midwife told me a week between the vaccines. I tried to book it today but didn’t go to plan 🙈 xx

I had my first the week I fell pregnant, then the second at 13 weeks. No side effects either time other than a sore arm and a very slight temperature! For me, the risks of Covid outweighed any risk of the vaccine :) x

I have had both my doses. It was a hard decision, but in the end risk of not having it outweighed the risk of getting it - to me anyway. I had it a short while after advice changed, as soon as I could really - with decision time.

1st dose I was 31 weeks.

2nd dose I had when little one was 3 weeks old.

I am breastfeeding. He is doing really well 💙 I had no side effects and like say nothing to notice in the baby yet. Developing fine as a newborn should at present 🥰🥱😴

Of course no one knows long term yet- but we won’t get that data for years. And who knows long term what will happen if we got covid. Or got really poorly with covid. A decision I wish I did not have to make - but it is here and who knows for how long. So had to make a decision with what we know today I felt.

Also - my family live in Norway. So for us ever to be able to travel home to see them, I feel at least I should protect myself, so if I got it, hopefully would not get really unwell. Hoping I might pass some antibodies to little one too! We are still being careful too, but we are not locking ourselves in at home, but not taking risks either.

I wish you all the best with whatever decision you make - it has got to be your decision and something you are “happy” with. 🥰

Hope you have a great pregnancy 🥰

Thank you! Means a lot. I think I’m more for it now than I was. I have to think about protecting me and baby now 🥰 congrats on having baby 💙 xx

I got mine at 28 weeks and everything is all good so far , another one is booked in couple of weeks. It’s safe and antibodies can be passed to your baby too in the womb. As kids can’t get vaccine so it’s really a good idea to get yourself vaccinated while pregnant.

Thank you :) x

I got my Covid vaccine when I was 36 weeks and then got my second dose at 38 weeks.

I had my baby 3 weeks ago and we are both perfectly healthy!!

It’s a personal decision but I think there are more risks of feeling poorly if you get COVID than getting the vaccine.

I didn’t have any side effects, just a dead arm.

Think what’s the best for you and your baby!

If you decide to get it make sure to get Pzifer or Moderna.


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