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Subchronic hermoanges

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Hi ladies I'm new to this im 9 weeks pregnant amd when I went for an early scan i was 7 weeks it showed on the scan I had 2 subchronic hermoanges which are 2 bleeds around my sac after speaking to the nurse she said it's likely il miscarriage it's been 2 weeks since the scan and no bleeding or cramping has anyone else had this and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy thank you

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I had two with my pregnancy with my boy, it was originally a twin pregnancy through IVF. I bled from 6-14 weeks and although I did lose a twin, I was assured that it wasn’t to do with the bleeds and my boy is a happy 2 year old now. Bleeds are a lot more common in pregnancy then we are led to believe and I was told by my clinic and the EPU clinic that a bleed doesn’t always end up in miscarriage. Hang in there, hopefully you will be getting closely monitored xx

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They haven't monitored me since and didn't suggest it my next scab is the 27th which will make me about 11 weeks so fingers crossed all OK I haven't had no bleeding at all. X thank you for your reply

I had one. They never mentioned miscarriage just that sometimes you see them on early scans and they usually resolve. My boy is 18 months now.

I had one with my little girl, they never said it would cause miscarriage though, I just had very light spotting. I had it again with pregnancy but that was because I found out I was having twins but one didn’t develop, that sac then collapsed and absorbed back into my body. I never had any bleeding. If I’d not had a scan I wouldn’t have known. Did they do internal scan or external? I had external first and they thought it was bleeding it was only when they did internal they realised it was the other sac.

I would’ve thought if they think you’re at risk of miscarrying they’d have you in for another scan. I had 4 scans from week 5 of pregnancy.

I hope all goes okay for you. X

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Done Internal scan and she said that because of the bleeds being there it was normal but because I've had so many miscarriages that they thought it would happen again it was defiantly mentioned to me and said it as highly it would happen thats why I've sat for the past 2 weeks dreading each time I wipe or go to the toilet but these comments have been reassuring thank you

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Fingers crossed for you. It is a worry, I’ve had quite a few miscarriages and an ectopic too, so I know what you mean with the feeling of dread going to the loo. I’m currently 12 weeks and I still feel too scared to get excited about it. I really do hope it works out for you x

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Tha k you and the letter I got sent home with says this there at least 2 areas of sunchronic haemorrhage affe ting the inferior and fundal portion of the gestation sac and then jsut says about measurements xx

I had one about 9 weeks ago when I was week 10. It was heavy bleeding. Was told it was harmless. Happened after the covid vaccine. It resolved and 12 week scan went well. Hoping 20 week scan goes well too.

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The impression I got from the nurse wasn't a good one she made me believe I would miscarriage I left there in tears specially after jsut seeing the babys heartbeat I was devastated x

Hello, I also have a sch. I was diagnosed at 6 weeks after I had a huge bleed. I’m now 12 weeks. My doctors prescribed me progesterone and I had a few weeks off, taking it very easy, no exercise, heavy lifting, sex etc… I’ve had a few scans since and baby is developing well. The hematoma is still there but I’m hopeful that it will reabsorb or slowly come away (I’ve been spotting since). Although it puts you at a slightly higher risk of miscarriage the general prognosis is quite good. I’ve been on a few forums online (there’s a good one on babycentre if you Google that and subchorionic hematoma) and so many women have had successful pregnancies, although it’s not ‘normal’ to have a sch it isn’t entirely uncommon. Strangely mine also came on after my Covid jab although I hadn’t assumed there was a connection but you never know. Take it easy and try not to worry too much. Wishing you all the best. X

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Thank you for the advise I haven't had any bleeding at all yet so is it likely I'm gonna have a bleed it was 2 weeks ago I had my scan im 9 weeks now amd have my scan on the 27th of this month I have had 11 miscarriages all in all but mostly they were before my son was born and have 2 since my daughter was born 4 years ago so perhaps I just worry more then I should but is it likely cos of the sch I will bleed xx

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My daughter is 4 now and gave had 2 since she was born I meant to say xx

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