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Dark red/brown spotting early pregnancy?

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At 7 weeks I had bad cramps and started bleeding, I went straight to a&e as I had a loss in May 21 and feared the worst. They checked me and found the little heartbeat and said I was fine and to just wait until my 12 week scan and prescribed me progesterone. They said it was a threatened miscarriage. Ever since this I have had brown spotting almost daily and occasionally dark red. I only had 1 day where I bled dark red during the day, but only when I've wiped no need for liners.

I go today for my bloods and we've booked an early scan (currently 8w5d) for today so hopefully this will reassure me but I'm just curious if anyone has had the same?

Dr's told me unless it's a period like flow with cramps then try not to worry as if I went back it's likely they won't see me without these symptoms.

I've read the the progesterone can irritate your cervix and is fairly common but don't know it isn't nice to see every time you go to the toilet.

Thanks girls ❤

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I had bleeding (much heavier than yours and sometimes red) right up to 10 weeks and had a healthy baby boy. Mine was a subchorionic hematoma but I know that progesterone can also aggregate the cervix (you can swap to the back passage as well) and there are other reasons for brown spotting. Brown is old blood and is normally less cause for concern I was also told. Hope all went well with the early scan 😘🤗 xx

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Aw that's reassuring, the scan went well and baby is looking good so that has set my mind at rest just one of those things I'd rather not have but as long as baby is okay I'm happy 😊 xx

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Great news! If you are anything like me you will worry until they are in your arms 🤗 xx

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