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Positive Covid result, sudden sharp pain in top of bump. Should I be worried?

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Hi ladies, feeling really worried.. I tested positive for covid yesterday afternoon and I’m just so concerned about baby, thankfully I’ve had 1 of my Pfizer jabs about 5 weeks ago. I’m currently 35 weeks + 4 and getting movements still from baby, but last night I had the worst pain across the very top of my tummy, it was a very sharp wave of pain that was just concentrated at top of bump, near my ribs and lasted for about a minute. It took my breath away it was so excruciating! Thankfully it’s not happened since and baby’s movements have been good since too. Does anyone know what this might’ve been? Could it be braxton hicks? I haven’t called triage as it hasn’t happened again. Just curious if this is a normal thing that happens as the body prepares for birth or if it’s maybe something more serious. Thanks in advance xx

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Hey there, hope you’re feeling well snd covid symptoms are minimal.What you’re describing could be braxton hicks. Did you tummy harden aswell?

If it’s passed and baby’s movements are good I wouldn’t worry too much.

As you lead up to birth you can get all sorts of twinges and pokes in the ribs!!

Just be sure to keep an eye on movements snd if any doubt, get checked out. Good luck!xx

There’s no harm in phoning your midwife and asking their opinion, that’s what they are there for. Especially as you have covid which a lot of people won’t have experienced during pregnancy on here to compare. I didn’t ever have this sharp pain you describe but there are lots of pains and niggles for sure but probably best just to check with the professionals 🤗💜 xx

Sharp pains as you describe could be pre-eclampsia or something else, so I would definitely call the midwife and get checked out ASAP. I hope you don't feel to unwell with covid. 🙏

Thank you all for replying ❤️ My tummy didn’t tighten with the pain so wasn’t 100% if it could be braxton hicks or not and overall I’m feeling ok with covid.. I’ve had the worst headache and bit of cough, loss of smell and taste and feeling pretty run down but thankfully my breathing is ok and I’ve not had a fever. I did decide late last night that I should call triage and get checked out as baby’s movements had lessened too. Thankfully all seemed ok and she didn’t seem at all concerned about that pain.. she was fine as a midwife, but I had to ask all the questions to get any answers which wasn’t very reassuring and she couldn’t really explain when asked what it could’ve been. I asked if it happened again for a longer period of time and kept recurring should I call triage and she said yes, but that was it. Baby was fairly active whilst I was there and met criteria so I was sent home. I guess it’ll remain a mystery for now and hopefully won’t happen again. I was concerned about preeclampsia too.. my main midwife is away until next week so I will mention it to her when I see her anyway for extra reassurance and hopefully it doesn’t happen again.

Thanks for all of your replies xxx

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