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When did you tell your employer you were pregnant?

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Hello everyone, I just want to get a little consensus on when is the best time to tell your employer about your pregnancy. I'm currently on week 16 and I still feel like it's too early to tell mine. But I know I need to tell them but I'm not sure why I'm nervous about it

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I told mine the day after I got a positive preg test. I was going through IVF so they were sort of expecting it, but due to my work environment I'd have had to tell them immediately anyway. IMHO the sooner the better so they can risk assess you properly, especially with COVID. xx

For maternity leave to be processed etc I'm sure I read at least 15 weeks before due date (I would double check that though). I told mine at 13 weeks as another said for a risk assessment and when I'm off its quite a busy time so to help them prepare. X

Hi Jogsandwalks,I told my direct line manager when I was 10 weeks pregnant, and asked her to keep it confidential. My company pays for maternity appointments so it was essential that my line manager knew.

I told HR after my 12 week scan, so they could carry out the necessary risk assessments. I also requested that HR kept the matter confidential. The rest of my team I told after my 20 week scan.

I agree with Rain415 by law you have to give your employer 15 weeks notice before going on maternity leave.

Originally I wanted to tell work when I was 20 weeks pregnant, but I would not have got the amazing support I received from my line manager and HR if I had waited that long.

You tell your employers when you feel ready, but also bear in mind if you wait too long you maybe missing out on great support.

I hope that this helps.


I told my manager and HR after 12 week scan, this way I was able to attend all appointments. I asked not to spread the news and told everyone else after my 20 week scan.Everyone was very happy for me and supportive.

I'm in the same position. Because of Covid, I feel like I want to tell my employer after the 12 week scan as apparently your employer is supposed to do a risk assessment. And I've been quite nervous about being around people in the office and feel people might be more careful around me if they know I'm pregnant and cautious if that makes sense? I think I'll see how the scan goes and then decide. But yes it can be quite daunting. I don't like the thought of things changing with my employer knowing I'll be leaving soon and also other employees probably after my job, ha!

Yeah, it is definitely the thought of my employer changing things with me that has me hesitant, definitely with you on the one.

I told just before my 12week scan because I needed to go to the appointment and as others have said , with covid I needed a risk assessment and a plan needs put in place for when I work from home at 28 weeks. Keep yourself

Safe and allow

Your work to keep you safe too. It’s too precious 😘💐💐💐

Thanks everyone for the replies. I did want to wait until 20 weeks but because of the appointments and the HR aspect, I will say to my line managers sooner and ask them to keep it from the rest of my colleagues. I think I'll tell my other colleagues at 20 weeks too. Your replies have been so helpful 🙂

Congratulations!! I told my employer straight away as he was aware of my fertility issues plus being in a pandemic I needed him to be aware that I was not prepared to be putting myself in any comprising positions and I was also suffering from horrendous morning sickness. My pregnancy was also high risk so I was having extra appointments. He kept it to himself until I felt comfortable enough to share with everyone which wasn’t until I was 20 weeks if I am honest.

I told my employer on week 13, and she knew I was doing IVF. I think you will be perfectly fine, you are 16 weeks pregnant, and the baby is well settled down:)

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