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First time pregnancy - extremely anxious

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Hi ladies,

I'm currently around 6 weeks pregnant, the positive pregnancy test was a huge surprise as I suffer from PCOS so wasn't expecting to get pregnant so quickly. I've had bloods/weight reviews for my PCOS and I don't have of the typical issues surrounding PCOS like diebetes/obesity, I just have irregular periods.

I had a bit of implantation bleeding at 3-4 weeks but that's stopped now. The only other symptom I've had is light cramping. I'm absolutely terrified that I'll miscarry as I've read people with PCOS are more prone to miscarriage. I'm also really scared since I've not had usual symptoms like morning sickness?

I have a early pregnancy scan booked on Monday (7 week mark approx) but hoping some of you ladies in similar positions can offer some reassurance?! x

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Hello! I feel like I could have written this…Getting pregnant so quickly was such a shock to us for the exact same reasons but an absolute blessing.

I also had no symptoms and then 6 weeks hit and morning sickness arrived with a bang! I think for the first few weeks I must have taken a pregnancy test nearly every other day to reassure myself I was definitely pregnant haha. I was so nervous something was going to go wrong but tried to stay calm as that stress can be felt by baby apparently.

I also had an early scan (8 weeks) and everything was absolutely fine.

I’m 21 weeks now and we’ve just had our 20 week scan and our little girl is growing perfectly and all healthy.

My symptoms absolutely kicked in at full force but I know there’s a lot of people out there who don’t get any at all.

I know it’s easier said than done but just try to relax and enjoy it - especially if you have no symptoms! Hope this helps x

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Thank you for such a lovely reply, it's nice to know people are in the same boat and end up being fine. I think you often only hear the horror stories, and not the positive ones, so thank you x

First of all: Congratulations! I was so worried too! It did help me to book some extra scans at 10 weeks and 16 weeks just to make sure all is good. I was anxious before every scan but felt better after seeing the little one each time.

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Thank you so much x

Congratulations 😊 i myself suffer with pcos and when i found i was pregnant i was 6 weeks, i had an internal scan and everything was fine, my biggest worry was a miscarriage as i heard people with pcos are pron for miscarriage it was just a constant worry, just like it is for everyone who gets pregnant, my lb is how 2 years old i had no complications through my pregnancy, just make sure you dont over do your self and just try not to worry and enjoy your pregnancy xx

That's so lovely to hear, thank you! X

Hello. I don't have PCOS so I won't be able to say on that however, I did have cramps in the tummy in my early stage up to around 24 weeks, the older I became the less intence they got. My morning sickness only last for a few weeks maybe around 12weeks, week 9 was the worst. I've got a friend that's 15weeks now and she haven't had any since her pregnancy so everyone is different I guess. Not much info but i hope this helps to ease your mind in some way. All the best on Your Journey with your lil rainbow baby;)

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