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10 weeks and not heard from a midwife

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Hi all. I'm 10 weeks pregnant and let my doctor know very early on, as soon as I missed my period and got a positive pregnancy test. I was referred to the hospital midwifery unit a month ago and since then I've not been contacted at all for a booking in appointment. I've read on the NHS website you're supposed to have blood tests by 10 weeks so it's a real worry. I've called the midwife's office so many times and they just say a midwife will be in touch soon. Have tried calling my GP and they say they can't do anything. I feel so alone and unsupported as this is my first baby and I have no idea what to do. Any advice? (To note, I at least have a hospital appointment for a scan in week 12)

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If you've been referred and had your scan date through, then you might have your bloods taken at this time too. I had my booking in appointment over the phone and had my screening bloods done at my 12 week scan, I think this is to minimise face to face visits. Your booking in appointment can be done between 8 to 12 weeks so they've still got a few weeks before it really becomes overdue.

The booking in appointment really just covers admin and looks at whether you need a specific pathway such as being consultant led if you have a high BMI for example, but nothing happens very quickly and if you're low risk then you'll really have minimal contact with the midwives till later on in pregnancy.

If you haven't had your booking in appointment by 12 weeks then maybe ask your GP to chase them or ask for a direct contact number for your local maternity service to chase.

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Thank you, that's all really helpful and much appreciated.

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It was exactly the same for me, so don't you worry just yet, I had the feeling they were leaving my scans and appointments till the very last but everything was then done in time!

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Thank you, I've been in complete panic about it so that makes me feel better :)

Hi lovely, My first set of bloods was at 11 weeks and 1 day and my 12 week scan was in wk 13 so I wouldn’t worry about the bloods by week 10 A midwife should be in touch soon as they will need to go through a load of questions Eg health history etcHopefully you will hear soon as I know when it’s your first It’s overwhelming enough so with this added stress its hard as I know you want to feel like things are organised xx

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Hi, thanks for your response. That's made me feel a lot better, so thank you. Hopefully I'll hear from them soon. X

Looking at the responses from the previous two posters it doesn’t seem unusual to have not had your booking in appt. Although I’m pretty sure precovid these happened around 8 weeks.Having your scan booked already is great news and does confirm you’re on their radar which is the important thing.

I do feel for you as those first weeks of waiting to see your midwife and have your scan can feel like forever and like you’ve been abandoned! Hang in there, not long now until you get to see your little one xx

Thank you! It feels like the longest wait until this scan, honestly. I really shouldn't wish the time away but just want reassurance everything is ok xx

I knnnnoooowwwww! It feels so slow. I remember at the time I kept saying, is it still week 9, still!

I think the screening blood tests for baby are done at the 12 week appointment, and can be done up to 14 weeks from memory. Bit naughty but I’d be tempted to lie and say you have shift patterns to work around so need to know a time earlier in advance

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Good tip, thank you!

I had my bloods and admin done the week before my 12 week scan. So your hospital might just do it at your 12 week scan or just after. It isn't something to worry about.

Thank you!

Hi all. Just an update... After chasing and chasing I finally had a booking in appointment (albeit over the phone) on Thursday and am having bloods, urine sample, blood pressure etc done tomorrow. So thank you all for your advice, so glad the midwife got in touch in the end. I was probably over worrying!

I can totally understand your worry - I would have been worrying too! I had mine over the phone at 10 weeks after self-referring at 8 weeks (told by GP and IVF clinic to wait until after viability scan) and didn't get bloods done until nearly 11 weeks as there was no availability at the GP clinic before that. I think 1 week doesn't make much difference. I didn't have any urine testing until midwife appt at 16 weeks (although I am fairly sure they were supposed to do that with the bloods!!). xx

Yeah I think the problem is they are so short staffed aren't they. The midwife called me to arrange my appointment at 9pm at night!! I think she is so busy. I felt bad because I had been constantly chasing. I'll be at 10 weeks + 5 when I have the blood tests, have to go to the hospital for that. I was told there are delays due to staff sickness. But glad I've spoken to a midwife and she's booked in my 16 week appointment with her as well, so all seems fairly organised now. I just got into such a panic that'd I'd be left on my own and no one would help. Now I'm counting down the days to the first scan and getting nervous about that! X

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