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Dating Scan

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Hi there, I’ve been given my scan date as the 1st of September but on the letter it tells me I need to bring to thing, the letter telling me I have the scan and paperwork from my midwife, the scan is this Wednesday and I haven’t received the paperwork and I’ve texted my midwife about it and she hasn’t replied. Does anyone know what I can do?

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I think the paperwork means the blue folder of maternity notes. I received this at my 8 week appointment for blood tests. Are you still waiting to collect this? If so, maybe you could call the front desk of the surgery or hospital that houses your midwife's team for collection instructions.

I also found it was sufficient to show them the appointment letter on my phone rather than carrying a printed copy.

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I’m currently 13 weeks, still waiting to receive the papers, I’ve already had the blood tests done and my midwife said she’ll deliver the paperwork to me. I don’t know where my midwife is from since she never told me

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In that case, hopefully you'll hear back from your midwife by tomorrow! You could also try calling the place where you'll have the scan and let them know you're still waiting for your paperwork. They may have more information about your midwife based on the scan booking.

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Thank you for your help :)

If you have a number to text your midwife, could you try calling her?

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I’ve given her a call and it goes to voicemail saying she’s on holiday

This last pregnancy due to covid procedures I got my bloods, BP weight etc done first then had my booking in over the phone I then received the scan appointment letter and my maternity notes I got after the scan at the scan appointment, the hospital had the file. This was new as previous pregnancies I got the folder at the face to face booking in app.

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I had my booking done completely in person, I haven’t received the paper I need for the scan and I’m not sure if that’ll cause problems.

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They might have it at the scan sometimes the letters are automated and not been changed if the procedure has. Try ringing your midwife again or the hospital but if you’ve not got it then it’s not your fault they’ll have to find it for u.

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My midwife is currently on holiday so I’m not able to call her and I really don’t understand the hospitals calling centres here.

I got the paperwork/notes at my first scan too as my booking appointment was over the phone. The letter might just be a standardised letter they have not changed - so perhaps you will get notes at scan too? Can you call antenatal clinic to check or your community midwifery office?

Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best!! Xx

Hi please don’t worry, it having the notes folder will not affect your scan. All they will do is give you a print out to add to the folder when you have it.

However it would be good to chase them to get the notes, you need your maternity history notes in case of emergencies and it is unacceptable that you still don’t have that at this stage! If you get stuck, please do contact the PALS team on your hospital and ask them to help you raise this so it is resolved ASAP. They are amazingly helpful!

Hi there, I remember that for my first dating scan few weeks ago, the centre where I had my scan did not need to see any of my papers. I was asked to fill in a form at the reception, then the sonographer did all the work for me (blood tests, BP measuring, weight etc.) I think you do not necessarily need the document mentioning the date of your first scan, but what I would do is to call the centre/hospital today and explain the situation. I don't think they will deny you entry, since it is their job to do the full scan and deliver the report. Hope this helps

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I’ve tried calling the hospital but they just hung up on me. The NHS is crap

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Forget about the hospital if they do not take your call seriously. Go to the appointment without the letter, and they will take you. Make sure you arrive ahead of the time of your appointment, to have more time to explain the situation and.... relax. What I did few weeks ago is that I gave my name and the time of my appointment at the reception, and I was ushered into the room in less than 10 minutes. In the end, what matters the most is the health of your baby.

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