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Hey ladies, any high chair recommendations?

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Finding it hard to decide which one to go for, anyone have any recommendations ?

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We never went for a proper high chair and just used one of those portable ones, which is really handy for taking out and about, easy to clean and doesn't take up space. Ours is a basic Fisher Price one and it's fine, but I've seen ones that fold up to the size of a laptop.This has worked really well for us, so it's something to consider whether you want a full-sized chair or not?

Nothing fancy at all. Mine was from Asda and cost £12, similar to one from IKEA. Or the Chicco pocket snack booster if space is an issue. Your better off with solid plastic as it’s easier to clean- the Asda/IKEA one the legs come off and you can pop in the dish washer x

IKEA, £10, basic but perfect.

We got give a big proper one but he never sat well in it or looked comfortable. We got a chico pocket. Its great. Doesnt take up loads of space and we take it away when we go to stay with family.

I would recommend the IKEA one. I think the chair and padding comes to less than £30. We used a Chico one to begin with and it was horrible, my little girl was slouching and it was quite big and ugly. Someone recommended the IKEA chair and it was great.

We also love our Ikea one. Easy to clean and she seems comfortable. My mum has a Chico one and it’s a bit laid back/reclined which I find a bit odd.

We had two chicco ones to start with. I liked the one that tilts for when babies are below six months because I could have her at hip height while preparing food for us in the kitchen and I knew she was safe. But when we started weaning the big chicco ones became a hassle to lift and clean around them. So we got the IKEA and it’s been our main high chair since. You can easily lift it with one hand and shake everything on the spill mat on the floor before wiping it down. Cleaning after meals is a massive chore so anything that makes that easier is great.

I have one with padding I think a joie, hate it, always gets food stuck in bits, and smells even after wiping it. Have to pull out the whole padding and put it the washing machine for it to be proper clean, which obviously is not possible at each meal time! Got a chicco snack one and it's great small, compact, easy to clean and transport.

Definitely factor in how much space you have. We have a fold up one. Because although the IKEA one is great it has a big footprint and doesn’t fold away. We only have a galley kitchens be a lounge diner so would be really annoying to have it out all the time.

Hey, I’ve been researching this too and so far the IKEA £12 highchair has been coming out as I’ve of the best so I think I I will getting that one and buying the cushion and cover alongside it.

I’ve researched too and to be honest the IKEA one just comes up time and time again (in reviews and all friends etc!) x

We have a mamas &papas Snax. Folds away has wheels on the back legs, really easy to clean including the straps also has a basket at the back which we use for bibs, tissue and wipes. It also has different height settings comes with a tray and tray insert. Can’t recommend enough.

Hi, I have an oribel and it’s so good, easy to clean and long lasting, survived through first baby and it’s in great condition for baby number 2!

Chicco, it is soft & comfy too

Chicco one soft & comfy. We were gifted it £144

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