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First baby

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Hey everyone.

I found out I am pregnant last week.

Approximately 5 weeks and 3 days.

Can anyone give me advice on midwife appointments etc, my first one is when I am 10 weeks to the day, and it’s a telephone appointment for 2 hours - am I not supposed to see someone face to face and have tests etc done?

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The first appointment is long as you go through all of yours and your partners medical history. After the phone call they will probably ask you to then come in for a blood test. This is what happened to me. At that appointment your get your notes which you take to every appointment with you. In it is a list of all the appointments you’ll have. Good luck with everything, hope you’re feeling ok. And congratulations!

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BabyOleg in reply to PoppyC38

Do you see the same midwife all the way though? Would I get my folder the day I get my bloods done

My first appt (“booking in”) was by phone at just over 9 weeks. It was scheduled for 2hrs, but only lasted about 1hr. Then a few days later I went in for blood/wee tests and got my file. First question at the booking in appt caught me off guard ‘which hospital are you planning to give birth at’ - as hadn’t thought about it at such an early stage, and there were a couple of options, but apparently it’s to sync systems the midwifes work with.

To wait over 5 weeks for this appt seems quite a long time though, I recall it only being 12 days from alerting of my pregnancy to the appt, but perhaps depends on availability/policy in different parts of the country.

Best of luck!

My booking in appointment was done over the phone and then I went in to have my blood tests and weight tests at another time. I this has become standard practise after Covid.

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BabyOleg in reply to Sunnyday33

Thankyou x

Hi, I have just found out I’m pregnant with my first, I’m 5 weeks and 4 days. I would question your appointment with the midwife as I believe there is only a short window to get some of the early tests done, my first appointment is booked but it’s face to face and they have said they will be taking blood tests. Good luck with it all x

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Hey, so I questioned them about that and she told me - I should be seen before 10 weeks but there short staffed and too busy

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I haven’t spoke to anyone about anything yet the only advice I have got in relation to vitamins diet and anything I need to know is from dr Google. No one is interested in helping me. And the midwifes I rang to ask for advice I had to leave a voicemail and they would respond to me within 48 hours - I only got there number yesterday.

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Crazy_girl in reply to BabyOleg

It is only until you are seen by them for the first time i.e. the telephonic and the bloods appointments. Once you start your visits with them, they are good with answering your calls and also getting back to you once you leave them a voicemail. Unfortunately, until the first midwife appointment, it’s only google support or support from people who have just been through pregnancy.

Here’s wishing you the very best. Before you know it will be time for midwife appointment.

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Congratulations :) x

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KT9MJ in reply to BabyOleg

You too, I hope you get to see someone soon x

We went for a private scan around week 8 where we could hear the heartbeat and they confirmed that they baby is developing well. We could see her moving around. We also went privately for an NIPT test at 10,5 weeks where they confirmed the baby’s sex and if there is any chromosomal disorder (with 99% accuracy). By the time, we had our first NHS scan after week 12, we were already reassured and also knew the sex of the baby. If you can afford, I’d highly recommend these. We used the Birth company in central London, amazing service and received pictures & videos within minutes.

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I have booked a 7 week private scan with window to the womb yesterday - I’m really excited, 10 days and counting. I think once I know everything is ok at 7 weeks then I will feel more excited - atm I’m to scared to get excited. How do they tell the sex so early on?

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andrina25 in reply to BabyOleg

They take a blood sample and from your blood, they can trace the DNA of the baby.

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BabyOleg in reply to andrina25

That’s so clever isn’t it. X

Congratulations on your baby girl too 🥰

thank good wish i could help love think i be in birth room be there for you

the lord help all the way

My first appointment was done face to face but could have been done over the phone too tbh. It's the admin part, like the on boarding.

You sit in an office and answer questions about your medical history etc, very boring. Then you get your folder afterwards. Because mine was face to face I did have my blood test straight after the meeting.

Good luck, although brace yourself, around 5 weeks is when the morning sickness starts to kick in...

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